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Walking: My New Favourite Exercise

June 05, 2018

Hello to my readers!

Lately despite the weather being grim and grey, I've been venturing out for hour long walks around my town mostly with my dog or my boyfriend but a few times I've just gone by myself. The last time I walked around this much was when I was playing Pokemon Go a couple of years ago but I just started up again (walking, not Pokemon) and this last week I've been out at least three hours a day. I also have a very specific route when out walking starting by walking through our local park then heading around town to see some of my favourite spots, for example the edge of my town backs onto a river so I walk all the way to the town's edge and along the river bank - which my dog loves doing!
I even fit in walking after the gym
I find walking one of the more easy going exercises compared to the cross trainer, running or cycling; it's easy to do, it doesn't require money and you can do it for as long as your body feels comfortable so what's not to love? I'm still going to the gym and working out there but my new routine of long walks once or twice a day helps me get even more exercise without too much fatigue. For people who struggle with fast paced, heavy duty exercise walking is one of the best things you can do to get fit without putting too much strain on your body if you're able to, as long as you're wearing comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothes you'll love it!
My longest walk ever!
Speaking of the weather I'm hoping the sun comes out and my walks get a bit more bright because as of late I've been walking around with cloudy, overcast skies greeting me everyday. This would be enough to put some people off going out and sometimes I can't be bothered to walk to my gym in bad weather but for some reason I'm content to wander around my town for several hours at a time, strange huh?

So at this moment in time walking has become my new favourite exercise to do and may well replace some of the things I do at the gym, I can already feel my legs getting stronger and each day it seems I can walk further and further!

Thanks for reading my post, I'll be back with another one soon!


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