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Samyang Spicy Noodles - Hot Or Not??

June 02, 2018

Hello dear readers, welcome back to another itsallzara blog post!

Today's post is another food review but instead of focusing on the overall quality of the food I'm actually reviewing the level of spice in these supposed "fiery" noodles from Amazon! The Samyang "Flaming Chicken" noodles are surprisingly vegan friendly so my boyfriend ordered some alongside a pack of the 2x spicy noodles and the 4x spicy noodles, obviously I started with the regular spiced product first and am going to review each as I work my way up.
Spicy noodles!
The noodles I recently tried were the ones in the black packet that is meant to be one of the hottest noodle flavours in the world, I've seen a ton of Youtubers attempt the challenge and fail to finish even one of these. My boyfriend and I decided to try them the other day and while I'm the queen of spice in my household he was quite excited to see just how bad they really were.
Samyang "Hot Chicken" flavoured noodles
So like any noodles I boiled them, added the little seaweed packet to cook through and then added the sachet of hot sauce that comes with them, now at first they look like regular noodles but the sauce that comes with them turns them a really bright orange colour that just says "IM SPICY AS HECK" to me! Anything that practically glows when you serve it is bound to be too hot for consumption right? Well I decided to find out!
Adding the hot sauce to the noodles
At first when you try these you get an instant warmth from the noodles but it isn't that bad, it just feels like hot food that has a residual "burn" on the outside, and even for a few minutes I was quite happy with it. However I spoke too soon and was too quick to get smug about how hot they were because within a few minutes my throat started to burn and my lips felt extremely hot, my boyfriend immediately stopped eating when the spice got too much but I was determined to finish them. After a while I got used to the spice burn and just finished them as fast as I could, it wasn't unbearable but it wasn't child's play either.

In conclusion I give these a 6/10, originally it was a 5/10 but they got a bit more intense, so while they're pretty hot they aren't something I'd quit to eat. The next packet I'm trying are the red ones that are DOUBLE the spice of these so who knows maybe I'll have met my match!

Thanks for reading and I hope you join me again soon for another post.


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