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Samyang 2X Spicy Noodles - Hot Or Not??

June 10, 2018

Hello readers, welcome back to my blog!

Last time I wrote a post like this I was reviewing the Samyang Spicy Noodles from Amazon (find that post HERE) that came in the black packet, but today I'm reviewing the red packet which is meant to be TWICE as spicy as the originals. I also have some in a purple packet that are meant to be 4 times as spicy as the black ones which is asking for trouble in my opinion but I'll still be trying them! All of these are vegan friendly to my knowledge and I made sure to check carefully for milk powder, whey, chicken flavoring or anything that would make these unfriendly to vegans but so far so good!
All of these are available on Amazon
So these "2X" spicy noodles come in a bright red packet which I assume is meant to symbolize fire and hot things, they come with a sauce packet and sachet of sesame seeds like the black packets did and based on appearance you can't tell these and the black ones apart. Like with the others I popped the noodles in to boil, added the sauce and sesame seeds and let it cool a little before me and my boyfriend tried them.
2X spicy noodles
Immediately when you eat these you can tell they're hotter than the black packet noodles, they give off a much stronger burn on your lips and tongue which is like a little stabbing sensation. You can taste the "chicken" flavour that it's supposed to give and it's actually really nice, you know until the intense burn kicks in and renders you speechless. Yes these are indeed hotter than the last ones I tried and whereas those just made my tongue and lips hurt these literally burned my whole throat and chest. No matter how much soy milk, banana or dark chocolate I ate it didn't go away for at least an hour, it also killed my stomach quite a bit.
Adding the sauce to the noodles
In conclusion I give these a strong 7/10, the only reason it's not higher is because I tried these a second time today and they were a lot more tolerable so I knocked down their rating. Initially they were horrendous but I seem to be okay the second time around!

See you all again for when I do the Mala 4X spicy noodles!


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