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Graduating From College!

June 14, 2018

Hi readers, welcome back to Itsallzara!

Well it's official; I have graduated from college and I am done with my Medical Science course from start to finish! Last year I wrote a post when I had finished my first year in the June which you can read HERE, I remember being super delighted and proud that I'd finished my first year so you can imagine my feelings now that I'm completely done! I went in on Tuesday with some corrections to do on three assignments and by midday I was signing a document to say that I'd completed the course!
I tweeted this literally as soon as I left!
It's been a really interesting and informative two years, I've learned new things about a subject I have a passion for and I now know exactly what it is I want to do when I get qualified! My main interest centers around Pathology and studying diseases and infections on the human body, which is what my last unit was about and it's the one I enjoyed the most. I'm so grateful to all of my teachers who helped me learn and develop new skills to bring to my desired working environment, I know they all did their best and I'm going to miss seeing them around college. 

My next step is of course starting university where I'll meet a whole new bunch of teachers, students and possibly new friends, I'm kinda nervous about moving onto something new and more challenging but I felt like that when I left school and joined college and I survived that after all! Here's to a good summer and a great first year studying Bio-medical Sciences at university, I can't wait!
Goodbye Hull College!

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