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Where Do I Get My Vegan Products?? (UK)

May 14, 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back to Itsallzara!

Recently I've had a number of people DM me on Twitter or ask me in person where exactly I get my vegan products from, I decided to write a post so that I could reference it for those curious as to where exactly I do my shopping. Living in the UK there are a number of stores I visit to get my groceries and I do my shopping at least twice a week to keep well stocked up on what I need. So what I'm going to do is go through each supermarket and describe what I get from there, I'll try to include as many stores as possible to give a wide range as I tend to shop everywhere I can!

Here is where I do the bulk of my shopping as where I live its the biggest supermarket with the largest amount of Vegan products available, from the specific branded ranges to their everyday range Tesco is great for Vegan goods. Here is where I get my dairy alternatives as well as my rice, pasta and sauces! Not all of these products are found in JUST Tesco however, the pasta sauce, pasta and rice can definitely be found elsewhere I just get them from here as its the closest supermarket to me and I run out of these most commonly.
Lasagne, spaghetti, pasta sauce, risotto rice & Free From cheese sauce.
The dairy alternatives that Tesco do includes their own cheeses that you can get in all kinds of flavours, I have a soft spot for the Jalapeno & Chilli Cheddar. The milk and yoghurt is available at other UK stores so if you don't have a Tesco near you don't panic because Alpro is pretty widespread where I live.
Yoghurt, milk, cheese and butter
Tesco offers a range of Strong Roots foods and Wicked Kitchen meals that are really nice but are a tad more pricey so these I consider a treat to myself and my budget! These I've only seen at Tesco especially the Wicked range as they are sponsored by Tesco themselves but the Strong Roots I've also seen in Morrisons stores.
Burgers, spinach bites and a variety of ready meals
I only ever really shop here when I visit my Dad in the next town over but I've grown accustomed to getting a few things from here as I prefer them to the supermarkets in my town. Here is where I get my fruit, my canned goods and my frozen Linda Mccartney products which are all found in other supermarkets but lately it's become a habit to pick these up while my Dad's doing his shopping.

The fruits from Sainsburys seem to last longer and stay fresher to me than fruits from other stores and I love their range of berries that I use for smoothies, snacks or topping off my yoghurt!
Some of the fruit I buy from Sainsburys
The canned goods are I buy are really good for cooking a wide range of foods and one can of beans, lentils or peas can easily give me a couple of meals so I make sure to stay stocked up on these. If I run out of these before I see my Dad I can find them at Tesco or Lidl stores in my town for relatively the same price.
Green lentils, chickpeas and borlotti beans
The Linda Mccartney range is pretty universal to most supermarkets by now but the range in Sainsbury's is amazing compared to the stores in my town so I'm always checking out their stuff. From here I've sampled the LM beef wellington bites, the pulled pork burgers, the shredded duck and chicken, mini sausage rolls bites and the country pies that I can't seem to find anywhere in my town so it's really worth me getting them from here.
Vegan sausages, burgers and sausage rolls
I like shopping here because the products I get are really well priced compared to some stores so I pick up what I can from here, three of the main products I buy includes my porridge oats, my houmous and my nuts!
Nuts, houmous and porridge
The houmous here is only 60p where as in Tesco it's like £1.10 for one tub so its cheaper for me to get the houmous from Lidl when I can get two tubs for the price of one compared to Tesco. The nuts are also quite expensive in Tesco going for £4 a bag which is a lot compared to Lidl where I pay £2.20 for a big bag of mixed nuts. This big bag of porridge is 80p which is really cheap and since I eat it a lot it doesn't hack into my budget much at all so Lidl wins my heart with these three staple foods I enjoy.

Holland & Barrett
Shopping here is a definite luxury for me and only happens once in a while, I love the Vegan stuff I get from here but it can be a bit pricey so I consult the budget before stepping inside. When I do shop here though I treat myself to a bunch of stuff I enjoy like vegan pizza, "fish"cakes, kebab meat and my favourite vegan chocolate bar Vego! I've only seen these products in Holland & Barrett so far and I don't know anywhere else that does them so if you have a H&B store nearby that's where you can find them.
Pizza and "fish"cakes
The donner meat is really nice and tastes quite like the real deal so when I buy it I stuff it in a pitta bread with some salad and it acts as a meat free kebab. The chocolate bar I get is so good and reminds me so much of nutella with the hazelnuts and the soft middle which makes a great vegan dupe for the real thing!
Vego chocolate and kebab meat
These are the main places I shop for these products and ingredients when I need them and depending on how much money I have will depend on how much I buy. A lot of these products are universal to other supermarkets which is great for when I'm away from home or shopping somewhere new.

I hope this post is helpful to people who are curious about where to find vegan foods whether you're a new vegan or just wanting to try and buy them this should help you out a bit! Thanks for reading, if you liked this post I have a bunch of others on here regarding vegan food just check the Cooking With Zara tag on my blog.


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