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One Year Vegan!

May 25, 2018

Hey there readers welcome back to Itsallzara!

Obviously the title is a dead giveaway of what I'm talking about today but it is officially my first "Veganniversary" and I think that warrants a blog post! You might remember a couple of months ago I wrote a post called "One Year Vegetarian" (find that HERE) where I talked about how I was getting on after a year of changing my diet to a vegetarian style, this is the vegan version of that post.

So on May 25th last year I officially declared myself as a vegan after being vegetarian and slowly trying vegan foods that I could buy such as cheeses, chocolate, milks and vegan friendly meat alternative products. It's been a big first year for me as a vegan especially trying new foods and adapting old recipes to suit my new lifestyle, I've taken part in vegan style BBQ's and picnics:
A BBQ and a picnic vegan style
I've eaten out at vegan friendly food places including Pizza Hut, Handmade Burger Co, Nandos, Chinese buffets, V Rev's and a few pubs here and there:
Some of the vegan meals I've had over the last year
I had my first vegan Christmas dinner with all the trimmings I could eat as well as vegan friendly Christmas treats:
Christmas goodies
I've purchased some lovely vegan and cruelty free beauty products and learned more about which brands are aiming to get rid of animal testing like Body Shop who have a petition I happily signed and other brands who disagree with the testing of animals for their products:
Some of the beauty products I've tried this last year
I've made some great vegan versions of my favourite foods and published several vegan recipes on my blog that you can find under the "Cooking With Zara" tag:
Some of my recipes I've made this year
But being vegan for me hasn't just impacted what I've eaten or the products I've bought it's also given me the chance to share my new lifestyle with others and I've had so many people show an interest in veganism from my recipes or posts. I've made some great vegan friends through Twitter and Instagram who have helped me this last year as I've learned more and more about veganism! I plan to stick to this lifestyle as long as I can and I look forward to more years like my first. To celebrate today's occasion I'm currently running a giveaway on my Twitter page where one lucky person can win a hamper of vegan goodies so definitely check that out (my Twitter is @itsallzara). Thank you for reading my post, will be back with another very soon!


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