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No Bull Burgers!

May 31, 2018

Hi readers, welcome back!

Today's post is just me sharing one of my new favourite vegan products that I tried the other day for the first time, I'm talking about the No Bull burgers that Iceland are doing. They are plant based versions of burger patties that are perfect for any vegan that fancies a meat alternative snack!

Where to find them?
These burgers are on sale in all Iceland stores in the UK as well as on their website where you can order shopping for home delivery, they are £2 a box and you get two rather large patties inside
The burgers
What do I think of them?
I personally loved them the first time I tried them and I've already eaten the other box I bought which was only a few days ago; they're juicy without being soggy, chewy without being greasy and taste enough like real meat that non vegans or vegetarians probably wouldn't guess it wasn't real!
Trying my first burger
What do they go well with?
Well personally I paired my burger patty with a slice of Tesco Free From red Leicester cheese in a plain white bun; but I'm sure they'd go well with fried onions, salad, sauces and different kinds of bread. 
Vegan cheese and burgers
Any allergy advice?
Those allergic to soy sadly should take a miss on these burgers because they do in fact contain soy and are not suitable for them. However they are 100% dairy free, meat free, egg free and gluten free!
My burger
I would highly recommend them to people who are looking for a meat free alternative to burgers, especially with summer coming up these would be great for a BBQ. The only setback I can see if that £2 for two burgers may be a little steep when you can get 4 Linda Mccartney vegan friendly burgers for that price or even less, but if you can treat yourself I would say go for it! 

Thanks for reading everyone!


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