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Hosting A Vegan BBQ This Summer

May 12, 2018

Hi readers welcome back to Itsallzara!

So lately we've had some GORGEOUS weather over the bank holiday and when it's hot and sunny like it has been the people of the UK like to enjoy beer gardens, sun bathing and BBQ's, but today's post is for my Vegan or Vegetarian friends wondering how they might host their own BBQ this summer.
Obviously the main things people put on their BBQ are burgers and sausages right? Well have no fear because Linda McCartney set me UP for a fantastic spread yesterday, her Vegetarian burgers suitable for Vegans were £1 from Heron Foods and her Vegetarian sausages also suitable for Vegans were £2 from Tesco. Add to these a pack of un-buttered bread rolls and some dairy free Flora and you have yourself a main dish at any meat free BBQ! Our Vegan meat options were also quite popular even among non-vegans and I ended up answering a fair amount of questions from curious people who were considering trying meat free options more frequently. There were no burgers or sausage sandwiches left by the end as people had taken them home to finish which is great because it means no waste and more people trying Vegan food. Everyone commented on how authentic the food tasted and how nicely it cooked on our little disposable BBQ (which was only £2 from Tesco so if you want a throw away one thats a good place to go). 
Our Vegan "Meat" For The BBQ
Alongside these lovely meat substitutes I also made a bowl of salad as a refreshing side option; made with lettuce, tomato, spring onion, avocado, sweetcorn and chilli flakes this little bowl of goodness was delicious. Any type of salad goes well with a BBQ meal so get creative and toss a whole bunch of veggies and herbs in there! Make sure to keep the salad out the hot sun though as some veggies can start to go brown, my avocado was already changing colour while I was outside eating it!
Side Salad
Now for the "nibbles" as I call them; the little snack type things you pick at while you wait for your burgers or sausages to be done, for ours I chose a range of things to keep people happy while we cooked the other food. We had Free From nachos from Tesco (£1), jalapeno crisps from Co-op (£1), sundried tomato crostini bites from Sainsburys (£0.65), black olives from Sainsburys (£1.25), pickled onions from Tesco (£1) and two of the Free From Vegan cheeses from Tesco (£2.30 each) - they were greatly appreciated by everyone who was eating with us and there were only crumbs left when we were done! You can use anything like this to put out as snacks and a little serving dish like this is a big help too for laying everything out.
To cook them we just popped it on the BBQ as you would regular meat and flipped them after a few minutes, our sausages did require cutting down the middle and cooking longer than the burgers as they were thicker so make sure the middle is done before serving! Once they're done you can pop them into the buttered rolls and add your own sauce or dressing to give them an extra kick, although they are nice on their own.
Our Vegan Sausages & Burgers
All in all our BBQ was a great success and I hope this post is helpful to those who are thinking of throwing their own BBQ at some point, it was super easy to do, didn't cost a huge amount and fed at least 10 people who enjoyed it all.

Thanks for reading guys, any questions about Vegan products or where to buy them hit me up on Twitter or Instagram at @Itsallzara!


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  1. This sounds amazing I'm not a vegan (yet!) but I'm tempted to throw a secretly-vegan bbq this Summer now! Be interesting to see if anyone notices the difference...

    Saph xx