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Dealing With A Reoccurring Injury

May 20, 2018

Hi readers welcome to another Itsallzara post!

As a few of you may know from my Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat posts in the past, I am currently living with a reoccurring injury in my right knee and I wanted to talk about how this has impacted my health and fitness goals. I know a few people who have reoccurring issues with their joints, ligaments, bones and muscles and I'm here to share my little story.
One of my tweets about my injury back in January
In 2014 I first injured my knee keeping me on crutches for two weeks, since then it has popped up at least once a year and keeps me grounded until it is better.The problem itself is something I'm not actually sure of as I've had several different doctors tell me what it could be; I've heard "dislocated knee", "torn outer ligament", "torn meniscus" and "torn hamstring with a slight bruising to the knee tissue" but what I DO know is it's something I've been dealing with for 4 years and it's frustrating. I have my good months and my bad months and during the good months I try to keep up with a healthy amount of exercise without aggravating it, I'm sure like me other people who have a reoccurring injury are pretty much always thinking in the back of their mind "Is it going to survive this workout? Did I push it too far today? Well it hasn't hurt for a while maybe it's finally getting better" and so on.
A small victory back in March
Obviously with an injury like this flaring up now and again people are curious as to how I deal with it during it's bad times and how I protect myself during it's good times, because even if an injury feels better it is important NOT to push yourself! When discussing injuries and exercise I always urge people to see a doctor or fitness therapist before resuming exercise, even if it feels a lot better and you can move without pain, many times I've gone back to the gym when my knee felt better only for me to tear newly healed parts around it. When it first happens I immediately ice it and strap my knee brace on to give it support, I've stopped going to A&E now because there's never much they can do so right away I elevate it and rest it while icing it regularly. It has varied in recovery time from a few days to almost a month and each time the first two days are the worst for pain and swelling. After it stops hurting and I can bear weight on it again I usually go see my trainer at my local gym so she can decide if its good enough for me to get back on the cross trainer and cycling machines, if so then great but she usually tells me to give it a couple more days.
This was more recent, a month ago
Obviously going through this limits my cardio capability now and again so here are a few ways I keep active when my knee is in its recovery stage and I've had the all clear from my trainer and doctor:

- Swimming: a good hour of gentle swimming with very slight leg movement helps release pain and tightness and there are always people at my local gym to keep an eye on me incase I need assistance
- Slow walks: a gentle stroll with my knee brace on once a day helps me get a bit of fresh air without hurting my knee
- Seated lifting with lighter weights than usual or resistance bands with a trainer close behind me making sure I'm okay

It isn't easy dealing with something that is so painful and annoying but fingers crossed the doctors can find the problem, deal with it and help me on my way, if anyone else suffers with knee issues you'll know how dreadful it can be. Thank you all for reading, see you again soon with another post!


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