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Vegan Protein Powder - Yes It Exists!

April 04, 2018

Hey readers!

Today at the gym a guy struck up a conversation with me when I told him his protein shake smelled lovely (I think it was banana) so he offered me some and I declined as it contained whey which isn't vegan friendly. I told him this and mentioned that I order my own vegan friendly protein powder from MyProtein and he laughed at me! He was surprised that there was such a thing as vegan protein powders and "are they all made from cabbage water?" was the only question he could ask without smirking, I merely smiled and pulled up the product on the MyProtein website to show him. After a quick rundown of what I order and which flavour I like he was less mocking but still seemed a bit confused by the concept, it got me wondering how many other people out there are baffled by the idea of vegan friendly protein powders!

I've been using the Active Woman Vegan Blend for a good 3-4 months now and have definitely developed a taste for it, I actually found it when I was browsing Youtube videos looking at Vegan athletes and one woman had mentioned it and I was curious. It works the same way as regular powder in that it's designed to give you the healthy tools you need to make progress with your health and fitness in the best possible way. This powder is specifically designed for women who are used to an active lifestyle and require a shake free from whey so I'm extremely happy to have found something specific to me and my fitness needs.
Banana & Cinnamon Flavour
The powder I order comes in a pouch available in either 500g, 1kg or 2.5kg sizes and has four flavours to choose from; Natural Vanilla, Pineapple & Coconut, Apple Caramel and Banana & Cinnamon. The first time I ordered this I got it in two 500g sachets in the banana and cinnamon flavour, why I didn't just got one pouch of 1kg I can't remember I think it was "2 for the price of 1" or something they always have a deal on. Like any protein powder it comes with a little scoop and like any protein powder it's always at the freaking bottom so you have to feel it out before you open it otherwise you're covered in powder.
Me & A Shake
I drink one of these every morning with my breakfast before the gym but you can drink these anytime you fancy; after a workout, as a drink to keep you going between meals or just to give you an extra dose of protein and vitamins every day. One scoop (25g) contains 90 calories, contains 29% Vitamin A, 84% Vitamin C, contains 17g Protein and 39% Iron - all of this you can see on these MyFitnessPal menus below.
Source: MyFitnessPal
I will say as well that these shakes can be very versatile; I sometimes put a scoop of this in my blender with some coconut water, fruit and spinach for a really healthy packed smoothie or with some plant based milk but mostly it's just protein powder and water. The shakes are filling without being too overbearing and the flavour isn't too sweet or too dull so it has a nice balance where you can definitely taste which flavour it is without it being too obvious. If you're interested in this product you can look it up at https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/active-women-vegan-blend/11311072.html

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