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The Many Expressions Of Dean

April 15, 2018

Hiya there readers!

A lot of people including myself believe that dogs can express themselves in many different ways; barking and whining, digging and scratching at things, the way their tail is positioned and of course their facial expressions. As someone who has had a dog for almost 2 years I've gotten to see a whole bunch of expressions my dog has pulled to convey different moods. I decided to do a fun little run down of the various "deanisms" I see daily:

Confused - This is one of my favourite Dean faces of all time, when he does this you know you've gotten the little Corgi cogs turning in his fluffy skull. This usually happens when you say something he's trying to understand or if you have his toy behind your back, either way it's downright cute.
Happy - I always know he's happy or content when he flashes his pearly whites and gives me a cutsie smile, it usually goes hand in hand with plenty of barking, jumping around and ragging his toy of choice all over the room he's in. This is my favourite face of his because to know he's happy and having fun let's me know I've done my job right by him for another day.
Sad - I hate my dog being sad, it's pretty much on par with having my heart stomped on so obviously I try to keep him as happy as possible. However Dean is a very loving, family type of dog and when one of us goes out whether its to the shop or to work he acts like someone abandoned him for a few years, this comes with some whining, some crying and a pout on his face. Seeing him like this makes me wanna cry but I just give him a cuddle to make him feel better.
Poor Baby
Sleepy - Seeing Dean like this is always funny because as the first picture shows he doesn't always sleep normally and can even do sleep gymnastics with a goofy smile on his face, but when he is asleep he looks cute as a button and I have to fight the urge not to go "AWWW!" or he wakes up slightly confused and tired. He doesn't nap as much as he used to when he was a young pupper but he does love to catch a few hours during the day now and then, seeing him in this tired state is so sweet.
These are just a few of the expressions and states my dog can covey with his cute little self and I know a lot of dogs can do the same, it honestly brightens my day seeing what he's trying to tell me. I hope this post was enjoyable and if you managed to read it without going "Aww" once you're a lot stronger than me, I melt at the sight of cute animals!


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  1. Oh this is so cute! I mean, if you just put up pictures of your dog I would be happy, but little analyzing and stories are great!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram