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The Body Shop - Seaweed Skin Range

April 21, 2018

Hi Readers!

My ongoing battle with my skin was something I never thought would improve and it often left me quite frustrated, I was doing all the things I thought I should have been doing - that is until I was told the products I were using was actually irritating my skin further. I was in The Body Shop one day last year and one of their helpful staff members listened to my worries about my skin and he asked me what I used, when I told him I was using Tea Tree products he told me that Tea Tree was actually very irritating to sensitive skin and perhaps I'd prefer their Seaweed range instead.
The Body Shop - Seaweed Range
Now the Seaweed range is supposed to be more gentle on the skin and offers a softer cleansing, toning, moisturizing finish so I got one each of everything that they had to offer. Since using these products for about six month I've noticed a vast difference in my skin, the once red and sore spots I had have faded and are no longer painful. I've also developed a little routine when using these products as some are best first thing in the morning and others are best just before bed.

The Seaweed Exfoliator and Gel Wash are what I use when I wake up to give my skin a clean wake up call that immediately removes dirt and oil that may have accumulated on my skin overnight (you'd be surprised how that can happen). I use the Exfoliator first to remove dirt and then the Gel Wash just cleans the surface of my skin and leaves it soft and fresh.
Seaweed Exfoliator & Gel Wash
Mid afternoon my skin can get a bit oily especially if I've been sweating at the gym so I usually just give my face a little wipe with a cotton pad and some of the Seaweed Toner, this just keeps it oil and dirt free for the rest of my day! You can also use this to remove make up and it'll clean it right off with no leftover residue.
Seaweed Toner
Before bed I use one of these depending on weather I've worn make up that day or not, if so then I use the Oil-Control Lotion that acts as a make up remover and cleans as it removes the products from your skin. If not then I use my Overnight Oil that you can apply and leave on overnight to keep your skin fresh and soft - despite using these products before bed I do still clean my skin in a morning when I wake up.
Oil-Control Lotion & Overnight Gel
These products and the routine I've gotten into has helped my skin come on in leaps and bounds and it's really helped my confidence too! I would recommend these products to those who suffer from sensitive skin that needs a gentle touch to it. You can find all these products in The Body Shop stores or online at https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/.


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