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My Town In Spring Photography

April 11, 2018

Hey readers!

It seems we've had a few really sunny and lovely days so I went out and took some photos of areas in my town I thought looked the nicest, I love going out walking with my dog and it's a great chance to notice these things.

First up are a couple of photos I snapped in the park when I saw that new plants were in bloom, the promise of warmer weather seems to make these flowers pop up all over the place. They're always lovely to see and I'm delighted that there seems to be lots of them throughout town because when they bloom their look gorgeous
Plants in the park
Another scenic place I see a lot is a duck pond that is next to an old church, my dog loves visiting the ducks that float atop of it and they seem to be alright with our daily visits. I got this photo on a really sunny morning and the way the church reflects on the shimmery water just makes me smile, what can I say I love nature!
The duck pond
Speaking of old churches I took this next photo of a rather picturesque part of town where there is situated and as a lover of looking at old buildings this church from the 1800's has always fascinated me. This one is a late afternoon/early evening photo with the sun setting on the side of it and I'm extremely proud of this shot.
The church
Last but not least is the area at the end of town known as "Waters Edge" where you can see the Humber Bridge, the River Humber and there's a little woodland nearby. I took this photo on a day when we had a little cloud cover but a nice dose of sun and warmth to balance things out, another shot I'm proud of!
Waters edge
I'm honestly hoping the sun sticks around as I'm so tired of rain, snow and wind, hopefully I get even more photos of my favourite places in the sun!


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