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Lush - Incredible Mum Bath Bomb

March 12, 2018

Hello readers and a happy Monday to you all!

Yesterday in the UK was Mother's Day and I decided to sample one of the Mother's Day bath bombs Lush had on offer, I'd ordered a couple to try a month or so ago and figured I'd see which one I liked the look of best and give it a try for Mother's Day!

The bomb I ended up choosing was the Incredible Mum bomb which comes with this cute little M cape attached to the back, the reason this one stood out to me was the effort Lush had put into making such a cute products. The actual bomb has a lovely pink and orange blended colour with a purple goggle type design (like Mrs Incredible from the Incredible's) that I found really sweet. 
Incredible Mum
Inside this gorgeous bomb is a delightful combination of Orange Flower Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil and Bergamot Oil, giving it an overall sweet and floral scent. It's a very bright and fresh type smell that matches its vibrant outer colour which helps you feel more revitalized and refreshed after use!
The bomb in my hand to give a rough guideline of its size
So what is it like in the water? Well first of all when you soak this beauty it burns and fizzes right away leaving colourful strokes of pink, orange, yellow and white foam all around it and I honestly thought it would be used up in seconds. However halfway through use it stopped fizzing away as fast and became a slow, melting type of bomb.
In the water
Despite all the fizzing, melting and floating the bomb seems to do the little paper cape stays in tact and neither crumbles or goes soggy, you end up with a flurry of bright colours with this gorgeous decal floating in the middle. The colours that were left on the surface of the water were a blend of deep purples and pinks, bright yellows and golds and a hint of white cream - all of which smell absolutely amazing.
Gorgeous colour!
Once I got in the bath and the foam on the top got washed away I was left with a bright orange bath water that smelled absolutely divine and really helped me relax during my soak. The odd spot of colour was still visible and floating on the top of my water along with small pockets of bubbles that gave my water a very "warm lava" kind of look that I actually thought was a link to the lava wall from The Incredible's but I could have been over thinking it!
The water itself
In conclusion this bath bomb was a major hit for me and even though I'm not a mother myself I enjoyed a really lovely bath on Mother's Day, the other bath bomb I have purchased I will use soon and if I like it I'll give it a review like this one! I would highly recommend this for people who enjoy floral, sweet scents and bright colours in their water!


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  1. This bath bomb looks gorgeous! The colouring and scent is perfect for this time of year.

    Chloe x


    1. Most definitely, thank you for reading! xx