Lush - Cherryish Body Scrub

March 09, 2018

Heyy readers! Welcome back to Itsallzara.

Today's post will be a review of the Cherryish body scrub that I got in my Lots of Love gift set, I have already reviewed that gift set and one of the products I got inside which you can find below:
Lots of Love

Heart of Enlightened Expectations Bubble Bar Melt -

So this product is a body scrub that is used on the skin to exfoliate and polish your body to give you a clean and soft result. This love heart shaped body scrub is packed with ground cherry stones, almond essential oil, cocoa absolute and extra virgin coconut oil all of which are pleasant in scent and texture.
After usage my skin was extremely soft, clean and had an overall aroma of cherry and chocolate with a hint of almond, this scent reminds me of bakewell tarts which are delicious! The scrub itself was still quite substantial after one use and looks as if it will give me a fair few more uses, which is great because I really love it. I'd be delighted if they brought this out permanently and introduced it to their every day range, I'm very pleased with it and I hopefully I can grab another one before the Valentine's Day range is over!


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