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Let's Talk - Spring

March 03, 2018

Happy Saturday readers, welcome to another Let's Talk segment!

I know what you're thinking, you've looked at the title and probably said to yourself "but Spring isn't for a few weeks yet" and you would be absolutely right. However, I'm one of these people where as soon as February fades away and March hits I'm in the mood for Spring cleaning and Easter! The official first day of Spring is March 20th according to Google so I'm a good 17 days early but it doesn't hurt to get in the mood a bit earlier really does it?

So today's post will be shared with three awesome writers that have all worked so hard to produce their thoughts on this weeks topic, give a happy hello to:

Leanne: @Leanneholderfit on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://www.liftheavylivehealthy.co.uk/

Sammy: @Bakeydoesntbake on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://bakeydoesntbake.com/

Michelle: @Chelle_muablog on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://chellemua.co.za/

Now without further ado here is the first March 2018 Let's Talk segment!

 Leanne's thoughts: "I love Spring. It’s one of those seasons where the sun is just starting to show itself for days in a row, and the air feels crisp and not too hot. Walks become enjoyable at any time of the day, and you can start to sit outside of an evening while it is still light.

There are a few things that I adore most about the season of Spring. Firstly, new born lambs are the absolute icon of Spring for most people, however with 5 pet sheep of my own, Spring has a slightly more in-depth significance with lambs. With my parents living in Wales, and the sheep being mine (they look after them for me while I am away living in Essex), the fields that they live in are simple picturesque. With the Welsh mountains in the horizon and the fields aligned with trees and flowers that are blooming, the season makes the setting for new born lambs look like a postcard! The birthing season for my sheep, although it can be extremely stressful and manic, is the most beautiful and overwhelming time of the year. Watching my gorgeous sheep give birth will never get old, and adding new lambs to my perfect flock will always make Spring a very special time of year.

Secondly, Spring brings along a much nicer set of weather spells than Winter, meaning I can start to get my wellies off, and my trainers on and head outside for an outdoor workout. Throughout the colder months I am always training indoors, however I always feel extremely refreshed and alive working out in nature. Walks, Jogs and Bodyweight training always fill my days in Spring and the cool refreshing air on a sunny day makes lifting weights outside far more enjoyable!

Finally, I feel that after the dull and miserable weather of Winter, and that post-Christmas dip where there is not a lot to be excited for, Spring brings its own set of motivation. The light coming through the curtains in the morning makes me feel happy and awake and somewhat ready for a new day ahead. The lighter evening makes days seem longer, and makes me feel like I have far more time left in a day to get my daily tasks finished. The warmer weather enables me to start eating more salads as we prepare for the summer, and I become far more motivated to head outside to eat rather than sit in front of the television. I truly believe that the weather has a huge affect on my mood, and when it is cold and rainy and dark outside, my mood is reflected in this. When the weather is light and sunny, and the is crisp I feel happier, motivated to get on with my day and willing to take myself outside for some fresh air!

Spring to me is the start of the warmer months, and a start of more adventures in nature. What’s not to love about the season!"

Sammy's thoughts: "The lighter days are coming. The plants are full of colour again. The days are longer. I feel like I have so much more time on my hands. Perhaps it’s a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), I’m unsure. I just know that Spring has always felt like a much more positive time.

I’ve always loved Easter, maybe not for the right reasons of it being a religious time but it has always had a 'second Christmas' vibe to me. Buying Easter eggs for one another (even as adults), scoffing hot cross buns and coming together to have a delicious meal on the day.

I’m so excited this year to be celebrating Easter as a vegan. I’m looking forward to trying out different vegan chocolates rather than having the usual Creme Egg, Malteser Bunny’s etc. I really do think veganism has made me more creative with my food choices and I am so grateful for that. I am grateful too for thinking about food more consciously as it is a massive part of peoples lives, be it for health or for the social aspect.

I am not preaching about being totally healthy or fully conscious because hell yeah, I’m going to wolf down a whole pack of Oreo’s in one go and not give a damn, but thinking about food has opened my mind and over time made me realise how odd it is that us humans consume everything and don’t even question what the ingredients are.

I almost see Spring as a new start. The flowers start to grow again, there is new life. It’s the perfect time to make goals for the year because hey, the first few months are pretty much a write off - It’s just so dark and gross all the time! The rest of this year I am aiming to make my blog posts informative, creative and interesting, producing recipes to recreate pre-packaged things from the supermarkets into delicious meals/snacks you actually know what the hell the ingredients are. I hope that if your New Year’s resolutions have gone down the pan, this will give you inspiration to start afresh and have another go."

Michelle's thoughts: "Spring: 
Spring is the dawn of a new season, when the winter depression lifts, the birds start chirping, the flowers bloom and really, just everyone is happy. 
Autumn is really my favorite season but you can’t help to love spring too. 
It’s when the days get longer and the sun is brighter! 

As a makeup artist, my passion has and always will be pops of colours so spring is where I thrive. This year I am hoping that more and more people tackle more colour in their makeup routine. Be it with a simple lipstick or some colorful eyeshadow or even eyeliner. Colour makeup has gained popularity over the last couple years as the beauty community on YouTube has grown. People have previously seen it more as clown/festival/theatre but we now know that that isn’t the case. You obviously don’t have to do a brightly coloured look everyday but my suggestion would be to pop a matte light purple on your lid or a shimmery pink/blue or green. That might sound crazy, but go for a subtle palette. I personally like the Too Faced Peach Palette as well as the Essence winter wonderland palette. They both have some unusual colours that will make your eyes pop but people won’t know you’re wearing blue or purple because it’s so subtle.

I am known for my bright lipsticks. An orange lipstick really matches my skin tone and I wear it pretty much everyday in summer! My other go to is a purple lipstick which is always fun!!! In terms of photo shoots in the spring, I love doing a natural scene with grass or flowers or a brightly coloured wall that compliments the persons features as well as matches their personality. Although I rarely do a shoot styling other than on a model, I really enjoy working with photographers who do more natural photography as they thrive in spring and summer! Fashion is also import and it changes so much around the seasons. Cute pastels colours always do the trick but if you’re more adventurous and love a bright, bold colour then you do you! No harm in that!! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and loving how you look!

I hope you enjoyed my ramble on about all things beauty related! Remember to live your best life and don’t worry about people who don’t understand you!"

My thoughts: "As previously mentioned the Spring fever hits me as soon as March 1st is here, even in February I was seeing fresh shoots of flowers around trees, slightly longer days and brighter mornings. I live for this time of year, when the weather starts to brighten up and it's slightly warmer and more sunny - however at the moment March has been a huge disappointment, yes it is still technically Winter and all the snow we've had is expected but I'm so fed up of the cold!

Hopefully when the sun comes out to say hello and the snow melts away I can enjoy my favourite time of year, I flourish in the warmer months and I adore hot Summers as well pretty Spring times. When the Spring season hits I do a lot of cleaning, I start taking my dog out for longer walks, my fitness enthusiasm goes through the roof and I actually enjoy not being in the house all day. This year I'm focused on getting into shape, getting outside and being more active and I do my best with the weather we have but in Spring and Summer is when I go all out and I'm so excited to get busy with that as soon as I can.

Spring also impresses me with the nature side of things too; the daffodils, tuplips and snowdrops I see circling the trees and lining flower beds make me so happy, the animals I see having babies and waking up from their Winter sleep are adorable and the fresh air just wipes away the gloom of Winter in one effortless swoop. I can't wait to plan picnics, dog walks, evening gym sessions and flower planting when we are finally blessed with some better weather - that is when this Beast from the East decides to give it a rest!"

What about you? Do you enjoy Spring and it's change of season? Let me know! Thanks for reading this weeks post and I can't wait to share next weeks topic!


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