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Let's Talk - Easter

March 31, 2018

Hi there readers and Happy Saturday!

Tomorrow it is Easter and I wanted to do a special Easter themed Let's Talk for this week and I have some lovely writers joining me so please welcome:

Madeleine - @Ramblingmads on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://ramblingmads.com/

Amy - @Amywhowrites on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://anamywhowrites.wordpress.com/

So without further ado here is our Easter themed Le'ts Talk post!

Madeleine's thoughts: "Easter

Growing up we went to church every Sunday and so Easter was about Jesus coming back from the dead and fulfilling prophecy. There were also chocolate eggs, but not too many. We would have a family dinner, usually a roast chicken and all the trimmings, with a veggie version for my mum.

We might go to my grandparents, but more often were just at home. After church there was an egg hunt around the church grounds, which as a Sunday School assistant I would go around with some of my friends’ younger siblings or my sister.

We weren’t particularly strict, although we always had fish on Good Friday, other people fast or go veggie for the whole of Holy Week, but my mum didn’t make us do that. We used to make an Easter tree – bare twigs hung with Easter symbols like eggs and crosses, a weird inversion of a Christmas tree.

My Easter now still revolves around family, this year I will be spending Easter Sunday with my in-laws and fiancé, then see my family for lunch on the Bank Holiday Monday. We still have chocolate eggs, and my mum went on the Good Friday walk of witness with the church, and will attend the Easter Sunday service. We don’t go with her, me because I don’t live that close and don’t really go to church all that often."

Amy's thoughts: "The thought of Easter usually causes me to smile while I ignore the churn of my stomach. Unfortunately, when I look back Easter’s gone by I am not flooded with happy memories of family gatherings. For years, Easter eggs made me sick! I told everyone I was allergic because my mum and I could summon up no other logical explanation. One year, I ate a small amount of a Scooby Doo themed Belgian chocolate egg and was sick almost immediately afterwards. The following year, I opted for a different egg and took a hesitant bite, then another, and a final bite. I had taken three tiny bites out of the smallest Easter egg I could find in the shop yet, moments later, I was sick once again. This went on for about 4 years before I decided to give up on Easter eggs. Instead, I would get a book or something that I liked.

I was taught about the story behind Easter in primary school and, while I’m not religious, I like having an awareness of why there is an Easter celebration. I personally love the idea of families getting together for a meal and/or a fun day together and it’s something I hope to do in the future despite not being religious.

Many years into the ‘Easter egg fiasco’ I nibbled at one of my brothers Easter egg’s without him knowing. I was about 15 and hadn’t had an Easter egg of my own for years. I’d been staying with my Dad for at least three years who continually questioned my resilience to having a chocolate egg. I couldn’t explain it. I still can’t. When I was 15, though, I had had enough! So, off I went, tiptoeing into his room. I took a quarter of his egg and scurried back to my room with it. I ate it. I wasn’t sick. What caused me to be sick for four years in a row every time I ate Easter themed chocolate is beyond me but I am ever so glad I can eat them now!

This Easter will be spent at the residential care home where I work. There will be a fancy lunch and I hear there will be cake. Afterwards, family have been invited to attend an entertainment session with a singer. Like I said, any excuse to get the family round is a winner to me!"

My thoughts: "Growing up I was always treated well at Easter, I remember my Nana Judy getting me a couple of chocolate eggs as well as my Mum and Dad spoiling me with a chocolate rabbit or something similar. I remember my Mum telling me to go steady on the chocolate otherwise I'd ruin my appetite for Easter dinner which was either at our home or my Nana would host it, either way there was lots of food. We'd sit down to a dinner similar to that of Christmas dinner except instead of party hats and crackers there was a bowl of glittery eggs and some fluffy bunnies on the table, I think my brother ate one of the glitter eggs once and that didn't go down well as they were plastic.

However we also got to do Easter egg hunts, painting plastic eggs, making Easter themed cards and Spring flower arranging to keep us happy during the Easter holidays from school - Mum also made a game out of us Spring cleaning our rooms in that she'd high chocolate eggs in our room and the more we cleaned the more we found (she's a smart woman) and got to keep. I really enjoyed these activities and I'm definitely going to do this with my own children someday because I'd love to see what it's like from the parent's point of view, especially when the kids are hyper from chocolate - that must be fun for parents!

I also found a good way to give back during the Easter period, I try to be as charitable and helpful whenever I can especially during special occasions. The non-Vegan eggs I was given by friends of the family (mostly kind old ladies who don't actually know what Vegan means bless their souls) have been donated to our food bank where kiddies that haven't got their own eggs can feast on the ones I gave, and in return I made flower bunches for the old ladies who gave me my eggs which they seemed to enjoy. 

This year is my first Easter as a Vegan and I've already gone through a fair number of Vegan Easter eggs because my sugar cravings have been terrible but I still have one my Mum hid from me, we also plan to sit down this Sunday to a Linda McCartney roast with all the trimmings. I haven't found this Easter any different to any other year despite my diet and lifestyle change and I've been just as excited for my food as I usually am!"

Thank you to my two lovely writers for their work this week and a very Happy Easter to those celebrating this Sunday; enjoy your chocolate, your Easter dinners and your time off work/school/college (if you have any!)


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  1. Love this post! Your easter sounded so sweet and that’s so great you donate! I really want to go vegan some day soon too!

    Phoebe x


    1. Thank you! If you ever need any vegan advice just hit me up on Twitter! xx