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V Rev - All Vegan Cafe!

February 11, 2018

Hello readers, hope you're well!

So as most of you know I recently came back from a two night stay in Manchester with my boyfriend, I briefly mentioned some of the foods I'd eaten while I was there but I promised a full review of my all-vegan cafe experience. 

The cafe in question is called V-Rev and is situated not too far from the Arndale Centre in Manchester so with the help of my Google maps I found it pretty easily, I also happened to walk past an all Vegan Pizza place called Aladdin on the way (next time I'm gonna check that out). 
A nice, chilled out atmosphere to enjoy some lunch
The food menu has all kinds of foods available from burgers, mac and cheese, pieces of "chicken" with mash and gravy and fries or loaded fries. I had a good browse through the menu and found a meal I knew I would love so I chose the "Keenan & Kale" burger. This was a "chicken" burger with crushed avocado, lettuce, kale, vegan cheese and onions and was served in a white bun. Along with these I had "buffalo loaded fries" that included vegan cheese, vegan bacon, green onions and vegan mayonnaise. I personally LOVED every bite of this and the fries were absolutely gorgeous, the amounts were very filling and extremely good for your money.
Buffalo loaded fries and the Keenan & Kale burger
My boyfriend Craig got himself a "Whopper Flocka Flame" burger which was a vegan beef patty, vegan cheese, vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and burger sauce. He got regular fries with his and he also loved his food, he's newer to being vegan than I am and he's adapted really well to his diet change but I don't think he had any trouble consuming this meal!
Whopper Flocka Flame and regular fries
While we were eating the cafe had their own music on which set a really relaxing atmosphere for us and the staff were lovely, they gave us a few more recommendations of where to go and were happy to have first time customers so interested in vegan food! I also have to give a mention to the lovely cocktail I had while I waited for food called "Life's A Peach", this consisted of frozen wine, absolute vodka, lemonade and peach puree - delicious!
Life's A Peach
So if like us you want to eat a relaxing, friendly place with good vegan food and plentiful portions for your money I can definitely recommend V Rev's to you. We're going to be visiting as much as we can when we return, I'm just sad we finally found it on our last day.

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