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My Manchester Trip...

February 07, 2018

Hey readers, how we doing?

So I just got back from a trip to Manchester with my boyfriend Craig, we were originally there to see Lady Gaga in concert but the poor thing is very sick and had to cancel. We still had a few days in a lovely city doing our own thing and exploring as much as we could, as always we stayed in a hotel we love very much called Staycity which has some stunning apartments:
Staycity Manchester - Laystall Street
The thing I love about the hotel in Manchester is that we get such a gorgeous view from our balcony and I have taken some lovely photos of the city from here. The stay itself was £188 for three nights in a one bedroom apartment which is really good considering if we booked on the day it'd be £287! 
Night time from our balcony
So what did we get up to? Well one of the things I was looking forward to exploring were the vegan friendly food spots in our area and we were anxious to fill up on some good old vegan meals. We had an Aldi across from our hotel so I got plenty of fruits, veggies and salads to eat in the hotel but when we went out we found some vegan options, like this flat bread from Pizza Hut for example! We also visited an all vegan cafe called V Rev but I'm going to do a separate review on that because there's SO much to say about it.
Vegan flatbread from Pizza Hut
Another great thing about being in Manchester is the Arndale Center where I got to visit all my favourite stores to do some shopping; I visited Lush, Primark, Kiko, Superdrug, The Body Shop and a really nice juice bar where I got a "Green Machine" smoothie. It was nice being able to walk around browsing stores and having a good look at what there is in the big shopping center in Manchester, I sure spent a lot of £££!
This was HALF of it...
So even though I wasn't there for what I originally had planned I had a good time and enjoyed my stay thoroughly. If you're planning a trip to Manchester I highly suggest the Staycity Hotel as they are clean, well decorated, the staff are polite, the apartments are in good condition and it's near the city center. I am glad to be home though, I was starting to run out of clothes to wear and I missed my mum and dog!


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  1. It looks like an amazing trip! And the hotel sounds so perfect too!

    1. It definitely was thanks for reading! xx