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My Gym Routine: Upper Body Day!

February 27, 2018

Hello there readers!

As some of you will know I recently posted a post called "My Gym Routine: Cardio Day!" where I basically talked through my typical routine on Cardio Day, I also said I would do this for other days - well here's the Upper Body Day post!

As with all my workouts I start off with several stretches that loosen up my muscles and prevent injuries, these are very important when you're going to be lifting or exercising because the last thing you want is a ripped or pulled muscle trust me! The main parts of my body to be stretched are my back, shoulders, neck, arms, hips and legs but my whole body needs to be warmed up before I can start working out. Once I am warmed up I head to the free weights to grab a 5kg and 8kg weights for various exercises:
Free weights, 1kg - 10kg
Bicep curls - these are pretty simple, I stand with my back straight, my arms by my sides and I curl my arm from bottom to top holding my 8kg weights - these are done in 3 sets of 20 on both arms. Keeping my elbows lightly resting against my sides I slowly curl my arms up and then back down to the original position and this is repeated until all sets are done. These can be done seated if it's easier for you and more convenient, it won't effect your results at all so don't worry about that!
Bicep Curls
Dumbbell rows - this is done using a bench where I hold myself up with one arm and one knee, my other leg is used to support my weight and my other arm holds the dumbbell that I lift. Keeping your back straight is important here as you can very easily pull something with the wrong position, I attempted this incorrectly which resulted in a trapped nerve in my back and it was awful! When I lift the weight I do it slowly and controlled to get the full benefit of this exercise, these are done in 3 sets of 20 on each side and for this I use an 8kg weight.
Dumbbell Rows
Dumbbell punches - okay for these I got the idea from Rocky during one of his workout montages and I'm glad I did because these are great for shoulders, lats and triceps. For these I use 5kg weights and I do 3 sets of 30 punches, I stand with my feet shoulder width apart and my back straight while I alternate arms with slow and controlled punches. Another exercise that can be done seated if it's more comfortable for you just make sure to keep your posture straight if you sit down, as this is another exercise that can hurt your back if it's done incorrectly.
Dumbbell Punches
Tricep extensions - I did these yesterday for the first time at 8kg and woah are my triceps sore today so I obviously need to do these more often, these are pretty easy as well and can be done seated or standing whatever works for you. To do these I stand up holding an 8kg dumbbell with both hands above my head, then I slowly lower it behind my back and raise it back above my head to the starting position - these are done in 3 sets of 15. Alternatively you can do two arms at once with a weight in each arm just hold your arms above your head and bring them down behind your back slowly then back up, it works just the same and gives you the same results.
Tricep Extensions
Shoulder press: my gym does have an exercise machine that does a shoulder press and chest press but when that machine is taken I use free weights for this. To do these I use two 8kg dumbbells and I sit on a bench with my back straight, with my arms level with my shoulders I slowly lift both arms until my arms are fully extended then bring them back down. Like my other exercises I do these in 3 sets of 20 in a controlled manner, my shoulders are one of my strongest points and this exercise has been very beneficial.
Shoulder Press
So as well of these free weight exercises I also use machines that are available at my gym, one of these include the dual adjustable pulley machine that I use for tricep pulldowns. To do this I set the weight to 11.25kgs and using the double ended rope clipped onto the machine at the highest point, this gives me the option of a long, steady pulldown. I grip both ends of the rope and with my arms at chest height I slowly lower them until my they have extended fully and then raise them back up. This is done in 3 sets of 15 and I take a minutes break between sets because my triceps need the most work and get tired the easiest, it's an ongoing work in progress!
Dual Adjustable Pulley, tricep pulldowns and the weight I use
Another machine I use is the Lat Pulldown machine that is great for the shoulder blades, back and tricep muscles and I set this to 28.5lbs to do 3 sets of 20. To do these I sit on the seat with the appropriate height adjusted and gripping the handles I slowly pull them down until my arms are parallel with shoulders and then release it back up. The first time I did this my entire back was on fire the next day and I found out I had ripped a muscle cause I had used too much weight so make sure you find a weight you are happy at until you progress. 
Lat Pulldown
Chest presses: for these I do like to use the machine because it's more controlled and I can choose more exact weights to use. On this machine I set it to chest press mode and select ?? to do 3 sets of 15, it's pretty straight forward all you do is grip the handles and push them straight out in front of you then bring them back to your chest. These are great for toning up the chest area and they've helped me toughen up my chest quite well!
Chest Press
Alright so that's pretty much my upper body day, I finish this with some cool down stretches to cool down my muscles and then I go home to sit and do nothing for a while! I hope this was informative and useful, I don't usually use Google photos on my blog but I'm so self conscious about uploading workout photos I haven't yet taken any of me doing these exercises so sorry about that. Next I will be doing leg day so if you wanna know how I do my leg workout then pop back soon to check it out, thanks for reading!


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