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My Gym Routine - Cardio Day!

February 13, 2018

Hello readers, welcome back to itsallzara!

So I've had a few people ask me questions about my gym routines and what workouts I follow because I'm almost always at the gym, I really love what I do and people have noticed how much happier I am since I found a routine that works for me. I decided to post a few of my routines and what I do as a sort of rough guideline that maybe others can follow!
Cardio day!
Today I'm going to talk about cardio - now I never used to be keen on cardio as with my knee being prone to dislocating I was worried I would aggravate it, but since talking to my physiotherapist she has actually encouraged me to do as much as I can to build up strength in my leg. She has advised me against running however as when I've tried that before it has actually caused my knee to swell and dislocate but she gave me a green light on walking, cycling, the cross trainer and the rowing machine
The type of screen shown on the cross trainer
My typical cardio routine wasn't actually a routine properly until January 2nd 2018, I decided to take my health and fitness more seriously and stop being so terrified of working up a proper sweat. When I began in January I was doing 30 minutes on the cross trainer with the resistance at 10/15 because this was just slightly out my comfort zone enough to be a proper workout. The machine itself tells you how many calories you burn, what speed you're working at and your heart rate so I get a good idea of how well I'm doing and on a good day I was burning 410 calories in just 30 minutes.
You can just see my boyfriend having a go on the one next to mine!
This month however I'm challenging myself to do 35 minutes and I'm hoping to build my time up by 5 minutes each month until I can do a good hour, this is because this exercise puts little strain on my knee while giving me a good workout. With this goal in mind I aim to do this exercise every day that I can to build stamina, energy and get my body used to working hard for longer periods of time.
Today's workout
As well as the cross trainer I do have other things I enjoy, if the cross trainers are taken then I like to warm up with 30 minutes of inclined walking on the treadmill at a moderate pace. This is a good way of waking your muscles up after stretching, getting your heart race up a little and hinting to your body that you're doing that active stuff again! Again I get an idea of calories burned, speed and heart rate so I can speed up if I'm too comfortable or slow down if I'm doing a little too much for me to handle.
I have a love/hate relationship with this thing
The last piece of cardio equipment I'm fond of is the exercise bike, now in my gym there are two types; one with a lower down seat that you sit back in and a regular high seated one. I sit in the high seated one and peddle my heart out for 30 minutes which really does my thighs some good and makes me get a little sweat on. You can alter the resistance on this so its either harder or easier to peddle and your legs can work either harder or easier against the peddles.
Exercise Bike
When I do a day dedicated to cardio I like to do one or two of these machines at at least a half hour each so I get a good hour of exercise and I can vary my workout so I don't get bored. There are also TV's above the cardio machines so I can lose my mind in Robot Wars, Saturday Kitchen or Animal Park while I'm puffing and panting. After this I finish with a cool down stretch and some water to relax a little then I either walk up my hill to get home or I get a lift. Adding Cardio to my workouts has helped with weight loss, my sleeping pattern, increasing my stamina and keeping my heart and lungs healthy!

Join me next time as I discuss my upper body day routine!


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