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Lush - Lots Of Love Gift Set 2018

February 15, 2018

Happy belated Valentine's Day love bugs!

Last year I wrote a post discussing the Lots Of Love gift set from Lush and the products in them (find that HERE) and this year my boyfriend got me the same gift set as a Valentines Day present. This time instead of a love heart shaped box you get a large gift box with golden ribbon and an adorable tag. The retail price of this gift set is around £57 and comes with 9 items inside:
Lots Of Love 2018
In this box you get a variety of products including a shower gel, a massage bar, a soap, 3 bubble bars, 2 bath bombs and a body scrub. Each product comes in its own little section of the box, neatly arranged to fit comfortably in the glossy compartment. They all also have their own design, scent and usage for you to enjoy as part of their seasonal Valentines Day range so whether you use it with a partner or by yourself they really put a lot of effort into making sure it is enjoyable.
Inside the box; Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Cherryish body scrub, Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Melt My Heart massage bar, Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt, Tunnel of Love Soap, The Comforter Shower Gel, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon. My personal favourites from these have to be the Rose Bombshell, Unicorn Horn and Sex Bomb which I've all reviewed before but I'm delighted that I can try some new products and I may even end up with a couple more that become my favourites! 
So many lovely gifts!
I can't wait to try these out and do reviews of all the new products, if you want to read the reviews of the products I've already done and mentioned above then please find them below. See you next time readers!



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