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Let's Talk - My Morning Routine

February 24, 2018

Hello there readers! Happy Saturday, hopefully it's a lovely day for you all.

In true Saturday tradition I have another Let's Talk segment with some great guest writers, this week we're all talking about our "Morning Routine" and what it is we do in a morning when we wake up and get out of our comfy beds!

My writers this week:

Chelsea - @CSolmundson on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://completelychelsea.com/

Amber - @Ambambe on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://www.ambambe.com/

Kirsty - @Luvandlifestyle on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://luvandlifestyle.com/

Chelsea's thoughts: "I should let you know right away that I am not a morning person at all. My “morning routine” is
mostly me trying to survive mornings and move towards being a better morning person (been
working on that for the past ten years or so). Big success. My current situation is no nine to five job, just full time blogging and living in Taipei, Taiwan with my boyfriend so he can complete a microsurgery fellowship here. His schedule is fairly sporadic so we spend most mornings together, which is nice, because I know next year it’ll be very different when we go back to Canada.

Now that I no longer work the 9-to-5, I don’t set an alarm. I always hated it and I don’t think I’ll ever be that person who wakes up early by choice. I don’t have my pets with me for the year, so without a couple of fur babies to jump on me, I usually wake up around 9-9:30am. I have to say, it’s amazing to wake up each day when the time is right for me. I never jump right out of bed because I need a minute, so I take a look at my social media and do a few things there that are easy to do from bed. I swear… I’m not lazy, I just do not fare well in the morning!

I don’t bother with breakfast because I’m not hungry when I wake up, and I need coffee to function and come to life from my sleepy monster-like state before I can even think about food. I prefer to get moving around first.

After I’ve done a bit of social, my boyfriend and I will get up and walk to get coffees. Well, coffee for him; a cup of caffeine, milk and sugary syrup for me. Quitting sugary lattes is also on my todo list. Also been working on that for my whole life. Life is short though, so sometimes you just gotta have that damn caramel macchiato. Taipei has incredible coffee so while we do have our
favourite coffee shop, we also like to take nice morning walks around the city to other coffee shops.

Every day on my walk to get coffee, I call both of my parents. I’m very close with them so I like to chat with them each day. Talking to my family makes me feel less homesick while living abroad so this is the most important part of my morning routine. My boyfriend does the same. After we’ve had our coffees and chatted with our families, we head to the gym for our daily workout. My morning routine is slow, but I still pretty much do exactly the same thing each day. I don’t really get to work until the afternoon, which works best for me! I don’t know if I’ll ever be a morning person, but I’m pretty happy with my morning routine these days!"

Amber's thoughts: " work part time as an office administrator for a luxury spa and the rest of the time I am a budding, freelance blogger/illustrator so my morning routine varies from day to day. I thought I’d break down the more fun, freelance morning for you as it’s a lot more interesting and slow lived.

First of all, I like to get A LOT of sleep so I tend to wake up naturally around 8.30am – 9.00am. (I have no set bed time the night before but usually fall asleep around 11pm – midnight) I don’t like to set alarms on these days as it’s nice for my body to get the full sleep it needs on days like this. It also means I am a lot more likely to be motivated and awake rather than groggy and flat.

I then probably spend a good 20-30 mins checking my social media before getting up and making myself breakfast and a hot drink or a glass of OJ. Recently I’ve been going for lacto-free yoghurt with gluten-free granola and a handful of raspberries and blueberries, topped with a drizzle of honey; such a perfect start to the day! Another favourite is scrambled egg and smashed avocado on toast – I will always make the effort to have a filling and tasty breakfast on my freelance days as it really sets me up for the day and sometimes I even end up snapping a photo of my breakfast for social media so it gives me content too.

Sometimes I take my dachshund puppy Pepper out in the morning if the sun is shining but if not then this is something I save as a screen/painting break in the afternoon. I like to make my bed and tidy the room up every morning as my desk is in my bedroom and a tidy home really does mean a tidy mind!

Then I tend to either have a bath or a shower depending on my mood. A bath in the morning is optimum social media engagement time for me as I like to go on a like and comment frenzy whilst soaking up some bubbles. Having a bath/shower refreshes me and wakes me up fully after a slow start to the morning ready to get on with some work.

I usually do a morning skincare routine but hold the make-up if I’m not going out that day to give my skin a break. As long as I do my skincare I still feel put together. I either change into a fresh pair of pj’s or comfy work-at-home clothes like leggings, a baggy jumper and some cosy cashmere socks, settle down with a cup of tea at my desk and I’m well away!"

Kirsty's thoughts: "I wish I could tell you that my morning routine involves birds singing to me and
rabbits laying out my clothes but unfortunately I am not a Disney Princess and
sadly that means my morning routine is somewhat boring in comparison.
Instead, my mornings tend to look like this:

As a freelancer, I don’t tend to set an alarm unless I have an event or meeting to attend. I am, however, always up by 8:30. As this is the time that my 6 and 11-month old puppies decide they are ready to play and proceed to bound all over the bed. I haven’t quite mastered the art of training them to lay my clothes out yet. Once I am awake I go through the usual routine of showering, brushing my teeth, moisturising my skin etc. If I have an event that day I will put on some makeup and get dressed accordingly. However, if I am to have a day with my MacBook, I tend to be found wearing leggings and a Primark Disney sweater. Before I go anywhere near the computer I make myself a cup of Yorkshire tea and some breakfast, this tends to be cereal or Nutella on crumpets if I fancy a treat.

Once fuelled I start my long commute of a minute to get from the kitchen to my workstation or settee depending on how I am feeling, I then get out my diary/to-do list and start the working day. I always prioritise my work based on deadline times and when the request was received, Sometimes it involves me taking photographs, typing or recording scripts. Because no two days are the same I like to have a short schedule of the day mapped out for me. This helps me stay organised and on track. In between working on my to-do list I also check and reply to my emails. Along with scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After working on my lists,
emails etc I always find myself wanting another drink, who knew all this thinking would be thirsty work.

Once I have worked on some of the freelance work I have I then login to Luv and Lifestyle and start planning content ideas and posts. I like to have a day that is a mix of both my freelance and blog work as this allows me to prioritise everything I need to do and make sure that nothing is forgotten. The rest of my morning carries on in a similar vein until I have to stop for lunch."

My thoughts: "Well depending what day it is my morning routine varies; college days is usually an early start at 6:15am and then I have an hour to get some breakfast, get washed and dressed and head out the door for my bus! On Wednesdays and Thursday mornings you'll see me at 7:15am at my bus stop yawning and looking out for the college bus, which is a good 40 minute journey all done in a tired blur but once I'm in Hull I have a quick walk to college and class starts at 9am, on Thursdays I'm only there until 11:30 so I get to finish while its still morning and I'm not back until Tuesday, a super long weekend for me.

However on non-college days and Tuesdays where I don't have class until 1pm I can afford more time to do what I actually enjoy. This starts with a nice lie in (7am is a lie in for me how sad), waking up with a breakfast shake and getting ready for the gym; the walk there involves going through the park which is so peaceful and quiet in a morning it really pumps me up for the day ahead. Once I'm at the gym I spend a good 90 minutes there before coming home, usually grabbing a bath and some food before either getting ready for class on Tuesday or spending the rest of the day blogging, gaming or walking Dean. The morning is when I'm the most active and the most busy, unless it's Wednesday then I have full days at college and can be known to work 8:30am-4:30pm.

I know a lot of people who aren't morning people and hate the idea of waking up and doing things but I've just gotten so used to it that it has become second nature to me without even realising! So despite these last few months being cold, dark and a shock to the senses when you leave my house I've actually dealt with it quite well. Spring and Summer mornings are even better for me because the sun just automatically makes me happy, full of energy and ready to start the day and do whatever it is that I actually do"

I hope you all enjoyed this post and enjoyed reading other people's thoughts and writing, thanks again to my amazing writers and I'll be back next Saturday for another Let's Talk. 


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