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Let's Talk - Memorable Moments

February 10, 2018

Happy Saturday readers, today is a special day for me because I'm visiting Hull University for an open day! I have an unconditional offer from them for the BioMedical Science course I want to do and I'm so excited for September so I hope I can get this posted in line with my schedule.

This week myself and three awesome writers are discussing memorable moments in our lives and experiences we remember most. The topic came to me when I was actually looking back over my school books and a ton of memories came flooding back - after that I was down the rabbit hole of deep thinking and here we are!

Joining me this week are:

Ashley Simmons: @JerseyGirl1216 on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://www.piecesofashley.com/

Nick Chenery: @Nickdougchenery on Twitter and he helps write for a page called "By The Minute" which you can find on Twitter @Itsbytheminute

Ashley Lennon: @Hiyaitsashley on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://www.hiyaitsashley.com/

 Ashley Simmon's Thoughts: "There comes a point in time when you sit and think about the life you’re living. For me I look back and wonder what my life would be like. What would’ve happened if I hadn’t gone through some of the obstacles and struggles.

For starters it was the time I was born. You’re probably thinking, “how does she even know that?”. The truth is I don’t but it’s most important because it was the start of me finding my purpose in this world. Writing this down at the same time I say sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. When you’re born it’s the greatest thing ever, because you’re getting a chance to live a life full of experiences, good and bad.

Being bullied was something I will never forget, no matter how hard I try. Both times made a huge impact on my life, this  moment made me who I am. I’m stronger and I’ve gained confidence over the years. I realized that I matter and I am  important. When I left elementary school and went to middle school I felt confident enough not to let anyone in school treat me like that anymore.

Starting my blog on October 19, 2012 is a very special moment I will not forget. When I decided to take a risk that night, I had no idea what to expect. This has really changed my life and I couldn’t see it any other way. I’ve learned so much and met a lot of people, not in real life though. Never in a million years did I think I was going to be a blogger, honestly I didn’t know it existed. But before than, I had started one in June but deleted it. No one was reading and I got discouraged. So September of that same year I myself a Twitter and from there you know the rest. I can’t see myself not being a blogger, I’ve been doing this for almost six years with no regrets of starting one. Talking to other bloggers have really boosted my confidence level. I mean it’s not high but I’m ok. Sorry for rambling on, I don’t want to bore you, this is just something I’m passionate about!

Self love is so important and that’s something I didn’t think I would come to terms with. My confidence wasn’t great and my self esteem was low. I didn’t think I was good enough or worth it. But when I started to accept my flaws, I realized loving myself mattered. See for me I just looked at the good things about me and not the bad. So it was really about me accepting all of me. I always had a negative mindset and I didn’t like that feeling. Despite how I felt I never put my negative feelings onto anyone, I always kept it to myself. Now I think positive and love spreading good vibes and energy to others. I’m in a good place and happier than I was before!"

Nick's thoughts: "As I approach my 30th birthday in July, I like to think I’ve achieved quite a lot in those 30 years.

Which moments am I particularly proud of?

Becoming a father – Fatherhood is by far the best thing I’ve achieved in my life. On April 17th 2014, Gemma (my fianceé) gave birth to our son Alfie, albeit after only 26 weeks. We had been transferred to Homerton Hospital in London from Harlow the night before. We honestly didn’t really know what was going to happen or whether Alfie would even survive being delivered by cesarean section so early. 

Thankfully, after having a lengthy stay in a combination of three different hospitals and a few necessary operations including laser eye surgery (at Homerton) and then both hernias and his appendix out at Great Ormond Street.

GOSH were genuinely amazing throughout our stay. A matter of just over an hour after arriving there, Alfie was down in theatre and being fixed by the undoubtably incredible surgeons. After a recovery of ten days, he was able to be transferred back to Homerton and then back to Harlow a couple of weeks later. On September 12th, he finally came home with us. He’s almost 4, at nursery, hopefully starting big school in September and absolutely loving life.

Being in the same job for over 10 years – I was genuinely terrified of starting work when I was 18 in 2007; I’m not even sure why either. I’d always been taught by my parents to work hard and I guess I should have realised that if I stuck to those principles, I’d be fine – and I was!

I only started doing eight hours in two shifts a week but when I decided to leave uni, I inevitably went to full time hours pretty quickly. As I write this, I’ve worked in two different stores and have been working nights longer than I’ve been with Gem (6 years in April)

Moving out of my parents house – Honestly, there was a time where I never thought I’d be able to move out, let alone with the right person which turned out to be Gem. I think I was always told that it was better to own your own home than to rent – not sure I believe that nowadays thanks to the state of the housing market but that’s not the point. 

Not meaning to be self righteous, but I love where we live as a family. We’re a half an hour train journey away from London (45 minutes by car) and both sets of Alfie’s grandparents are almost the same distance in either direction from us. Everything we need is within a five minute drive of our house in what people call the ‘posh end’ of Hoddesdon! Having said that, I’ve got a twenty minute walk to get everywhere as I’ve never really had any sort of desire to drive. I’ve had lessons, but never wanted to take it any further than that. Each to their own, I guess!"

Ashley Lennon's thoughts: "When I think back over my life, there are a lot of memories I can think of that make me smile. One of my favourites was when I was only about 9 or so. I was on holiday with my younger sister, and my grandparents in Blackpool. Now, and even as a child, I was very boisterous and loved anything that chaoti. Which is why I talked them into taking us to the pleasure beach. Now bare in mind I was only 9 or 10 so I couldn't go on the rides alone, and my sister was 6 so she was a no go, and my gran was terrified. So the job fell to my grandad, who braved the log flume with me 5 times before bribing me with a souvenirs photo and chips to stop. Fun fact, I still have that photo to this day, and it wasn't until we got home and I showed my mum my prized photo, that she informed me I had gone out for the day in my winnie the pooh pyjamas they had mistaken for clothes.Thanks grandparents!

One of my favourite memories I have actually comes from my time in High School. I love history and learning about the past, so I was so excited to be chosen to go with our school to Belgium to learn about the war. It was my first time out of the country in about 5 or 6 years, and my first ever time travelling by ferry. I spend hours in the journey there and back outside with my best friends watching the sea, and the others dodging our curfew to sneak up to the comfy cinema area to hang out. When we were actually in Belgium we saw so many beautiful places and museums, as well as have the honour to take part in the daily memorial service in Ypres. I also loved getting to try out all of the different types of food that the country offered because, well, I love food. Plus, they had some of the best ice creams, and we got to visit a traditional Belgian chocolate factory! It was amazing, and I actually have a blog post about on my blog. It's a memory I'll never forget for sure, and I definitely want to travel back to Belgium at some point in the future!

My favorite memory from the last couple of years is also documented on my blog. I got the chance to travel up into the beautiful countryside of Scotland to Go Ape, to go climbing and zip lining through the forest. I have such a fond outlook on the experience because not only did I get to enjoy two of my favourite things, travelling and nature, but I got to face some of my own fears in one of the most thrilling ways. I got to try climbing, zip line and even meet with new people on our small group and it was such an all around amazing experience that I was so grateful to get the chance to try. All day I got to appreciate the beautiful country I live in. It was amazing, and an experience I’ll always treasure."

My thoughts: "The things I remember the most in my life aren't always the things I expected, for example I remember my first trip on holiday but not because of the excitement but because I fell down about four times for the first day. I also remember my 12th birthday for the simple reason my mum put sparklers in my cake and melted my entire cake!

A lot of my memories are family oriented especially with my Nana who I was extremely close to, she always used to stock up on choc ices, sausage rolls, mini trifles and ice lollies for me when I came over - although I used to get so hyped up on sugar that my Mum would come collect me for home time and give my Nana a telling off. My Nana also used to have these big bags of Lego bricks that I'd play with every time I went over and I'd build everything and anything I could think of, this was usually while she had on Catchphrase or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

I also remember a lot about my shopping trips with my mum whenever she needed to get groceries, we'd toddle up the high street popping in and out of Iceland, Wilkinson's and Heron's and I'd end up with a toy or bag or sweeties to keep me entertained. My mum has always known almost everyone wherever we've lived so our shopping trips would take a while if she bumped into people and had a 20 minute chat, I can remember lots of random people telling me I was getting older and the last time they'd seen me I was a baby.

As well as my family I remember a few times in my younger school life, like one day in infant school my mum was called to collect me because I'd glued my fringe together and cut it all off and had a bald spot. That wasn't my finest moment and the amount of laughter that came out of my classmates was humiliating, but hey I was 5 and I pulled it off. Another glorious moment in my school life as a kid has to be when I got into trouble for pushing a boy off a wall and blaming another little girl in our class, the worst part was the girl I accused didn't bother to deny it so she got into trouble. The only reason they knew it was me was when the poor lad I shoved came back from the hospital and told them it was me, funnily enough I bumped into that guy a few years ago and he told me he had a scar on his scalp from it - sorry dude!

So yeah I've had a few memorable events in my life and while some of them make me cringe they're still part of my life and they're good stories to tell. We all have our own memories that make up our past and I love hearing people share their stories!"

Thank you all for reading this weeks Let's Talk segment, I hope it was enjoyable and I'll see you next Saturday!


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