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Let's Talk - Life Lessons

February 03, 2018

Hi there readers! It seems like forever since I did a Let's Talk post and I believe my last one was in December as part of my Blogmas schedule. As most of you know my January content focused on Veganuary and lots of vegan recipes but I'm back to weekly segments again!

This weeks Let's Talk post is discussing life lessons and things we learn during our experience of life, I have some fabulous ladies joining me so please welcome:

Jamie: @JenkinsLeeJamie on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://jamieleejenkinsfitness.wordpress.com/

Shannon: @_hunkules_ on Twitter

Jamie's thoughts: "In my 21 years of living, life has taught me a hell of a lot. I’ve had it all – the good,
the bad and the downright bloody awful. I wish I could say all these experience
made me stronger but I don’t think that is necessarily true. I think some made
me stronger, yes, but some life lessons just hurt. Very badly. I may not have
become stronger from them but I certainly became more Jamie. Well, at least the
Jamie I am today and the Jamie that, despite her weaknesses and flaws, I am
learning to love. When thinking about one lesson life has given me, I think it is difficult to avoid the clichés but to be fair; I’m not convinced by a lot of them anyway. Over the past few years I have suffered terribly from anxiety and depression, an illness that has hugely impacted my life and taught me a hell of a lot. Is it something that has made me stronger? I’m not sure yet but, whilst working on coming to terms with my past, I learnt the one life lesson I want to share with you. For years now I have lived in the past, feeling hurt by memories so confused I am not even sure if they’re true or just figments of my imagination. If I haven’t been moping about my past, I’ve been panicking about my future. You know that quote, ‘worrying means you suffer twice’? Well twice wasn’t enough for me, 5 or 6 times ought to do it. It was whilst searching for a remedy and way out of this cycle I had gotten myself into I learnt a difficult but important life lesson. Life is now. This is it, right now. That’s your life. It’s not sitting in the past, it’s not waiting for Monday or when you quit your job or graduate. It’s now. All these things you are doing, they’re not a means to an end they’re your life and so bloody enjoy it. Sometimes things are shit, sometimes things are going to be good but it’s your life. You’re just a person, like every other person and even though my whole world revolved around my little bubble, I am not the whole world. I’m a tiny little part of a huge and incredible thing – no better or worse than anything
in it. Whilst sitting here writing this I am living my life. The key to your
happiness is not in the future or when you settle down and meet someone. It’s not when you finish that essay or next month or next year. It’s now. It’s always there. Life is now. So be brave and live it."

Shannon's thoughts: "Life lessons can be found all around you; from the books you read, to the films you watch and the music you listen to. They’re all trying to give you a lesson, and I’ve accumulated quite a few over my 20 years of living. So here are twenty lessons I try and live by.

1. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. I learnt this from Barbie but some may also know it from Eleanor Roosevelt.

2. Know your worth. And once you know your worth, try not to surround yourself with people who don’t know it.

3. You must always have faith in yourself, our queen Elle Woods teaches us this lesson in Legally Blonde. You’re the only person in your life who will never leave you, believe in yourself and you can achieve most things.

4. Live life like Elle Woods’ should be a life lesson in itself. Follow your dreams, be nice to others and yourself, support your friends, and never let anyone tell you that orange is the new pink.

5. Find your faith. Islam? Buddhism? Pagan? Satanism? Whatever brings you closer to your higher being, to your ideal self, whether that is spiritually or not, find it and rock it.

6. Water will wash away everything if you let it. I’m a big believer that salt water can help to solve most issues. Whether that’s crying, sweat through exercise, or the ocean.

7. A lesson from Paris Geller, “I want to live my life so that I’ll be able to read an in-depth biography about myself in later years and not puke.” Doesn’t that sound like a great life lesson? Don’t do stuff you wouldn’t want in a book of you.

8. READ! There’s so much to learn from reading, so many places to travel, so many people to meet, lessons to be learnt. Reading is wonderful.

9. 10% of your income should go into savings.

10. Party hard, work harder. Life is short so celebrate it whenever you can, but know when to work so that you have the means to party hard.

11. Don’t get in the car if the designated driver has drank alcohol.

12. You won’t get answers/help if you don’t ask for them.

13. Your mental health is as important as physical health. Go to the doctors when needed.

14. Be healthy but eat the cake. Balance is key. Look after your body with fruit and veg and look after your soul with brownies.

15. The way people act towards you is a reflection of their character not yours.

16. Spread love as much as you can.

17. Disney films are lovely to watch but they are not a reflection of real life. Find your magic.

18. Learn to listen.

19. Spend a day alone in bed once a month. Watch soppy movies. Read all the books. Eat all the sweets. Drink lots of tea. Allow your body to relax and wallow in yourself. Hang out with yourself and then get back to life tomorrow.

20. Always self-reflect. You’re not perfect and sometimes we’re taught unhealthy coping mechanisms. Unlearn your negativity where you can. Always strive for better."

My thoughts: "I have also learned a hell of a lot in life; about other people, about myself and about how the world works. I'm only 22 and yet I already have a huge amount of experience that would fill an entire novel!

First of all, I stopped trying too hard when it comes to people who don't try at all for me. I got sick and tired of putting in 100% effort in being there for people who couldn't even speak to me most of the time. Don't get me wrong I make an effort when I feel appreciated by people but if it's a waste of time then forget it.

Secondly, I make an effort to keep my mental strength as healthy and strong as I can. I'm not shy about the fact that I get counselling to help me with my past trauma's and I am very open in the way that I'm honest if I'm having a bad mental health day. On my worst days I take the time I need to check in with myself and seek support from my loved ones who are more than kind.

Thirdly, I've learned that whatever you do, whatever idea or dream you have SOMEONE is going to criticize it. I've had a lot of people tell me that the Medical career I want to do is a "mans job" and that I should have focused on my culinary degree, well I ignore every single word because my life goal is MINE and no one else's.

Another thing I've learned is that life can be extremely unfair at time, it seems like you're having the worst week or day of your life and BAM! another thing to deal with. When I was 17 I was dealing with the death of a close relative, college exams, a break up and feeling distant from friends and family - I felt like that year was the worst I could ever experience and yet I pulled through and recovered from the bullsh*t life threw at me.

Life's experiences have changed me more than a few times as a person and at times I haven't always been the best I can be - even recently. But as I grow, learn and adapt to my experiences I can see the more positive direction it takes me in and I'm honestly excited.

The thing with the lessons you learn in life is that it sticks with you from the minute you learn it, you'll never forget what it decides to educate you with and those can be the best tools for survival."

Thanks for reading my post guys, I have another segment coming out next Saturday as well as posts talking about my upcoming trip to Manchester where I'm staying in a hotel and having a week with my boyfriend! Can't wait to share some more work with you all.


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