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Trying Vegan Pizza From Pizza Hut!

January 10, 2018

Hello all, it feels quite strange not putting "blogmas" in front of posts because I had such a good time doing it but back to normal now!
During December I visited a local Pizza Hut restaurant with my boyfriend and tried their new(ish) vegan cheese pizzas, I have been before as a vegetarian and reviewed the options I had there (you can find that post HERE) but I hadn't been able to go since going vegan unless I got no cheese on my veggie pizzas. Thank goodness that has now changed because I really enjoy their food and this time was no exception!
Alright so with all Pizza Hut meals I started off by raiding the salad bar for some of their tomato and basil couscous with bacon bits, (those are vegan friendly surprisingly!) and some bbq sauce. I love that their salad bar is free because I could eat my bodyweight in the couscous and probably still have room for pizza!
Come to mama you messy bowl of bbq perfection
After enjoying some of the couscous on offer we were given the side dish we had ordered to share which happened to be a small basket of onion rings, however I only really thought to take a picture when there was 2 left because I was super hungry (oops). These were super nice though with a crispy outer coating and a soft middle that was nice and hot without being scorching!
Lil onion rings
Now onto the pizza itself, it came served on a handled tray that looked huge but the pizza filled the whole diameter! The pizza I had chosen to eat was the "veggie" which included sweetcorn, mushrooms, rocket leaves and peppers and it only cost an extra £1 for vegan cheese! I think there's also a Margherita pizza you can get with vegan cheese which is just cheese and tomato so definitely ask about that if you're into a more simple topping.
So beautiful....
The slices were a generous size with plenty of topping and I could immediately tell that the cheese was indeed Violife because it had the same creamy consistency that I know so well. The crust was a nice crunchy opposite to the soft and creamy base of the pizza, with the topping supplying a variety of fresh flavours that I really enjoyed. I have to say though it is very filling and I would recommend that people only get a sharers pizza if there's two of you or if you're planning to eat some of it later, I had to save some of it for supper and enjoy it hours after the first course.
I actually ended up tipping our waitress quite generously for the amazing service and high quality food because I was so pleased and she was a total sweetheart who let me take my leftover couscous home in a little tub. A huge thank you to Pizza Hut for getting some vegan options on their menu as it really was enjoyable for me and my boyfriend. I will most certainly go there again as soon as I have the money!

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  1. The pizza looks amazing! I haven't tried their vegan pizza yet because I'm normally not a massive pizza fan but I tried the vegan pizza at Pizza Express the other day and actually loved it! So I'll definitely give this one a go as well xx


    1. Yes I definitely recommend this! xx

  2. That's fantastic that Pizza Hut now sell Vegan pizzas! I have to agree with the salad bar as well, I'm more of a salad and veg kinda girl than a fruit one and always eat my body weight in the coleslaw and cucumbers before our mains have even arrived! So glad you enjoyed it and hats off to the waitress who gave you amazing service!

    Heather xox || http://www.xhighlandbeauty.co.uk