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My Christmas Body Shop Haul!

January 30, 2018

Hey readers! Can you believe we're nearly in February?? January seems to have lasted forever for me, maybe because I'm waiting to go see Lady Gaga February 6th and I'm excited? Anyway I know it's a little odd to have a Christmas post at the end of January but I've been so busy with Veganuary posts that I just didn't have time to post this beforehand, so excuse the festive spirit so late after Christmas.

During the Christmas period I was gifted with possibly the biggest Body Shop beauty haul I've had this year, I'm talking BOXES worth of products thanks to my mother and my boyfriend. The Body Shop has quickly become my all time favourite shop for beauty products and I always have tons of points on my card that I can use to buy MORE stuff! The scents I tend to drift towards are things like: Strawberry, Shea Butter, Coconut, Vanilla Chai and fruity type smells. In terms of products I really enjoy their: body butters, hand creams, shower gels, body scrubs, lip balms and body mists, bearing this in mind my loved ones bought and ordered me some fabulous things to enjoy.

So onto this years beauty haul:

Here are some of the body mists I got during the Christmas period as well as the Pumpkin Vanilla mist I got for my birthday; one is Coconut that came from a gift set, one is Vanilla Chai, one is Moringa and one is Strawberry which came in the Ultimate Strawberry Collection which I'll get to in a second. All of these are light, subtle scents that linger for quite some time despite the delicacy of the application. I would recommend these for people who find perfumes a bit strong and want something a bit lighter to apply.
Body Mists
The "Ultimate Strawberry Collection" shown below is really good for people who enjoy this scent like I do and you get a huge range of products such as: shower gel, body sorbet, body polish, body mist, hand cream and body butter. I got this in a cute pink box with a ribbon around it which looked absolutely adorable, I wish I'd taken a picture of it because it really was cute!
So much strawberry!
As I mentioned before I'm huge on shower gels and body products so this handful of gifts were bought for me separately, they include such scents as British Rose, Coconut and Frosted Plum. These have all earned their place on my shelves in the bathroom where I can pick and choose what smell I want lingering on my skin all day!
Shower Gels
As well as body products I'm also a big lover of lip products and I was gifted this adorable Lip balm wand that comes with five different flavours of conditioning lip balm! This was a cute little stocking filler I got that includes the really cute design of a lip shaped box, even the handle is super adorable with pink spirals on it.
Lip balm wand
The balms themselves that I received with this gift include; watermelon, satsuma, rasberry, passionberry and strawberry. All the balms come in cute little tubs with their own colour scheme and flavour, each one has a soft texture that smooths your lips instantly! During the winter months my lips get awfully dry so I have NO excuse now I should have hydrated lips every chance I get and I have five flavours to choose from!
Little lip balm pots
I'm so happy I was given these because I love The Body Shop and their customer service wins me over every time as well as their fabulous products. I sure as heck won't need any body products for quite some time, I think it'll be NEXT Christmas before I fully run out but who knows...

You can find all of these products online at their website, just click HERE to be directed to the UK store, thanks for reading!


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  1. These all look so cute!! I love the mists they look so cute!

    1. They're great thank you for reading! xx