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Cooking With Zara (Veganuary Edition) - Vegan Friendly Fajitas!

January 27, 2018

Hey there readers! Welcome to week 4 of my Veganuary edition of Cooking With Zara, so far I've covered homemade soups, curry and macaroni cheese so in this weeks installment I'm doing an easy guide to vegan fajitas! To find out more about Veganuary and what it is click HERE for information!

Okay so Mexican is one of those cuisines I never get sick of; quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, churros, nachos and tacos are all things I absolutely adore and continue to enjoy. On today's post I'll show you how I make a healthy "chicken" fajita that is delicious but is suitable for my diet, they aren't costly and take little time to make. 

What you'll need for 1 fajita:

- One large quorn vegan chicken fillet sliced
- A handful of sliced bell pepper
- A few jalapenos (if you don't like spice you can use tomato)
- A handful of sliced red onion
- A handful of lettuce leaves chopped
- One sachet of fajita seasoning (you can choose from mild, BBQ or hot)
- Vegan mayonnaise
- One wholemeal tortilla
- OPTIONAL: a tablespoon of salsa (you can choose from mild and hot)
- OPTIONAL: a handful of grated vegan cheese
Mayo can be found at Morrisons!
How to make it:

1. Put some oil in a pan, set it on a medium heat and toss in your peppers, onion, jalapenos, chicken and seasoning as seen below. Stir them so that the season covers all the ingredients and allow them to cook until soft.
This usually takes 5-10 minutes if the fillet has been defrosted beforehand
2. When the mixture is cooked through remove the pan from the heat and pour it onto your now softened tortilla wrap, you can apply mayonnaise immediate or wait for it to cool down and have it cold.
You can substitute mayo for salsa or guacamole
3. Then its just a case of folding the wrap any way you like and enjoying it! That's all it takes to create a vegan friendly "chicken" fajita, if you want more than one simply double your mixture or if you need 4-6 just multiply your original ingredients!

This is a really easy meal to make, takes around 15 minutes maximum to make and you can adapt it however you want; for example instead of quorn chicken try kidney beans and chickpeas or instead of vegan mayo try hot sauce! This concludes my Veganuary recipes but I'll still be posting recipes under Cooking With Zara throughout the year so if you do decide to continue a vegan diet after January you'll have plenty to read. Thanks for joining me, good luck with the rest of Veganuary I hope my posts have been helpful!


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  1. Just 15 minutes! That's amazing!
    Ever since I started staying in school longer to study in the library, I've been on the hunt for quick lunch recipes that I can take with me to school to help me last till 6pm. I don't think I'll be able to do this recipe (I don't think this fillet and tortilla ingredients are available where I live) but I'm interested in seeing what other recipes you'll share! Definitely looking forward to your next posts!
    Kanra Khan

    twitter || instagram || facebook

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post. In substitute for tortillas and fillets you can use pitta breads or naan breads and fill it with your favourite salad or meat/meat substitutes! xx

  2. Not only am I going to be saving this but I am definitely going to pin it for later. I am a vegetarian and I love trying out new foods! I have never thought of making the Quorn fillets this way!

  3. This looks so yummy, I'm definitely going to give this a try myself!

    1. It's an amazing meal to make if you want something light but flavoursome! xx