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Cooking With Zara (Veganuary Edition): Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry

January 13, 2018

Hello, hello, helloooo! Welcome to week 3 of my Veganuary edition of Cooking With Zara; so far we've looked at making home made soup and your own macaroni cheese dish but today I'll be guiding you along on how to make your own sweet potato and chickpea curry - vegan friendly of course!
Here is my curry sitting on a bed of tomato and chilli couscous
What you'll need:

- 4 medium sized sweet potatoes
- 120g chickpeas
- 50g kale
- 50g spinach
-40g diced red onion
- 100g curry pasta
- 400g canned tomatoes
- A teaspoon of garlic salt (or 3 cloves of garlic)
- A teaspoon of dried parsley (or a handful of fresh parsley)
- Rice, couscous, chips or naan bread - to serve with


1. Peel and dice your sweet potatoes into small chunks, you want them to soften easily.
2. Weigh out your chickpeas, spinach, kale and diced onion.
3. Using a medium pan heat up some oil (about a tablespoon) in the pan on a medium heat.
4. When the oil is warm toss in your weighed out ingredients.
5. Stir it regularly and let it all soften, this is where you can add your parsley and garlic or garlic salt.
6. When things have softened add your curry paste and tomatoes and stir it in until everything is covered.
7. Set the heat on a medium-low to cook through and soften the ingredients as well as allowing the curry and tomatoes to melt into your ingredients. Stir occasionally to avoid clumps.
8. When the potatoes and chickpeas are fully softened you can take the pan off the heat and serve it with your choice of side dish. I personally opted for couscous which I prepared while I was waiting for the curry to cook!
9. OPTIONAL: When you serve out your curry add some more parsley to the top to garnish (dried is fine).

There you go! That is all I did to get this wonderful dish and I've ended up with a good 4/5 servings out of mine. If you're making this for just 1/2 people then just half the ingredients or store the spare servings for future eating. I hope you enjoy your curry and find this recipe useful!


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