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Afforable Vegan Snacks!

January 15, 2018

Hello blog readers, welcome back to another Itsallzara #Veganuary post! This time instead of a proper meal recipe I'm sharing some of my favourite snacks that I enjoy on a budget that almost everyone can make. Some of these are healthy and some are more junky foods that I treat myself to when I can, they don't require complicated ingredients or a lot of time to make either.

1. Crackers or rice cakes with hummus and cherry tomatoes: this is a good snack for when you fancy something simple but delicious, hummus  and crackers can come in so many different flavours so you can vary your tastes. I personally like the black pepper crackers and red pepper hummus from Lidl (together they cost £1.75) or the salted rice cakes with reduced fat hummus from tesco (£2 for both items).
Polly want a cracker?
2. Hummus and veggie wraps: I pretty much lived on these for a good six weeks I was that hooked on them, all you have to do it heat up your tortilla wrap, smear on some hummus and line it with your favourite veggies! The picture I used was an example of red pepper hummus with red peppers, lettuce, onion, spinach and jalapeno which is my favourite go-to snack out of all of them. You can recreate my recipe with tortillas from Heron Foods for 60p, lettuce is 50p from Tesco, sliced red pepper which is part of a 3 pack of peppers which Tesco do for 99p and the hummus is 65p from Lidl!
That's a wrap!
3. Nachos: I was so happy to find out chilli heatwave Doritos are vegan but my usual "Dorito" type snack are the cheesy flavoured tortilla chips from Tesco's Free From section for £1. With these I cover them with Violife cheese (£2.30), jalapenos, sweet chilli sauce and vegan mayonnaise and I stick it under the grill, it's a great movie type snack that has a large range of flavour in it!
What do you call cheese that's not yours? Nacho Cheese!
4. Pizza toast: Can't afford a proper pizza? Yeah me either, so I usually settle for this home made pizza toast that is de-lish! All it takes is a couple of slices of regular bread, vegan cheese, jalapenos, onions, tomato and a nice hot grill. You can change it up with pineapple, olives, vegan bacon or peppers, however you would normally have your pizza. The cost of this can vary depending on ingredients but the bread we get is 80p per loaf from Tesco, the cheese is £2.30 from Tesco (which can be a lot I know), the tomatoes are 90p from Lidl, jalapenos are £1 a jar from Tesco, onions are 30p loose or 75p for three from Tesco and you can price up any extra ingredients!
I want a pizza dat toast!
5. Porridge or vegan yoghurt with fruit and nuts: this is my usual breakfast meal and doesn't take a million ingredients to enjoy; the porridge oats I get are 40p from Lidl for 500g, the almonds are £2 from Tesco in the wholefoods section, the blueberries are £1.50 from Lidl, the strawberries are £2 from Tesco and the Alpro vegan yoghurt is currently on offer for £1 but is usually £1.50. These meals I find are quite filling, refreshing and mixing up the nuts and fruit makes it really tasty. 
Goldilocks isn't getting any of THIS porridge!
I hope this has been helpful in shedding some light on certain light bites you can enjoy on a vegan diet, I take some of these to college with me so maybe you can enjoy them on a work or school break!


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  1. Omg this made me so hungry haha, great post!

  2. Loved this post, all of these snacks sound amazing, especially the first I love hummus! X

    1. Hummus is my staple food as a vegan haha! xx

  3. The hummus and vege wraps look and sound amazing! It’s alwas good to incorporate vegan/vegetarian options! Thanks for the ideas! x

    1. They're gorgeous! Glad you liked it xx