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Blogmas Day 8: Vegan Friendly Christmas Treats!

December 08, 2017

This will be my first Christmas as a vegan and of course this means my usual treats and nibbles may not be suitable, but this doesn't mean there aren't any options out there, so I went looking and found a few I'd love to share with you all!

First of all I may be 22 this year but I still take great joy in having an advent calendar to open every single day in December, and I was really lucky to have found this one in Sainsbury's for around £4. It's just like every other calendar in that there are 25 doors with chocolate behind them and you get treated to a piece of chocolate each day!
So cute!
Another lovely treat I've spotted are these little mini iced fruit bites from Coop for £2.50 (or two packs for £4), I've purchased these a couple times because they're incredibly moreish and they're perfect for a little nibble. They are pretty sweet though so you probably couldn't eat too many of these, but they are nice with a cup of tea or coffee - a personal recommendation from me and my mother!
These were the bees knees!
Now onto these "Pigs In Blankets" tortilla rolls (also from coop) that are retailing for around £1.50, these have been a big success in our house and every time we bought some for Christmas we ended up eating them too early. They taste like bacon flavoured Doritos except they're rolled up instead of being triangular shaped tortilla chips, they're great with salsa dip or hummus but they're also fine just the way they are.
These truly are amazing
Whats Christmas without Mince Pies?? These Favorina mince pies pictured below are vegan friendly and absolutely delicious, I personally love a good mince pie and was going to make my own (I still might if we run out) but I'm super happy we found these in Lidl! You can have these as they are or warm with Alpro vegan custard - I love them hot!
All hail the mince pies
So thats just a little insight on a few of the things I've been munching on during this festive month, I haven't found it difficult at all to cope with a vegan diet at this time of year! A huge thanks to my readers, I can't wait to post tomorrow's blogmas post where myself and others discuss Christmas Shopping!


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  1. Something you might like is ASDA’s free from Christmas range, my mum kindly got me a selection box this year from it and it contains 4/5 different vegan chocolate ( one is chocolate orange! ) so yumm!


  2. Such a good post idea on Christmassy Vegan alternatives. I have a few friends that would love this!

    Love Amber | www.ambambe.com x

  3. I've been a Vegetarian before, and I'm planning on going back to being one, while also making more Vegan choices too, so I love that I can still eat all these amazing things!
    This is such a helpful post lovely x

    1. If you need any help I'm there for you love! xx

  4. It’s great that there are so many festive vegan treats! I actually have that advent calendar and it’s so good!!

    1. Yes it amazing how much they have out there! xx

  5. I love that you've included this in blogmas, it's helpful for so many people!! It's so good that there are so many vegan treats! X

  6. My best friend isn't necessarily vegan but shes gluten free due to allergies and basically always looking for these kind of treats. This post is perfect for her!...Thanks for sharing :)

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com/

    1. Glad it's been helpful for you and thanks for reading! xx