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Blogmas Day 7: FestiveTreats For Dogs!

December 07, 2017

Welcome back to my Blogmas schedule! I hope you're all having a great December so far and are enjoying my first ever Blogmas. Today's post is all about the cute little Christmassy treats you can get for your dog and the things I've gotten to spoil my four legged friend with!

First up is this gorgeous doggy chocolate biscuit bone with a fancy design from Sainsbury's, this is a lovely surprise for your dog that you can ration by snapping it like any other biscuit. I got this for about £2 and its pretty big so even my medium sized Border Collie will get a good chewing session out of it. If you want to ration how much your dog has you can snap pieces off or cut them into strips with a sharp knife, I'll probably give Dean a quarter at a time because he's extremely greedy and I don't trust him not to try and gobble it all at once and choke *sigh*.
Thank you to my furry friend for holding up the bone for me to photograph!
Next up, the doggy advent I got from Sainsbury's for £3 pictured below with another of the treats I got for my dog but we'll get to that in a second. The cute design of this is perfect to include your furry friend in the joy that is opening an advent calendar! Each day has a little door with a small treat behind it so every morning you can give your dog a little snack while you both countdown to Christmas.

As well at the calendar we have some doggy friendly mince pie treats that come in a similar packaging to the advent calendar, as you can see Dean has already had a couple; one he had because I wanted to try him with it and one fell out the box and he stole it (naughty doggy). These were £2 and were also from Sainsbury's, I know that this supermarket has quite a few of the Good Boy branded Christmas treats so have a look out for those!
Super cute designs!
My mum also found these really cute "Pigs In Blankets" treats in Tesco that I'm sure Dean will love on Christmas Day, inside the packet are strips of "bacon" and pieces of "sausage" that your doggy can chew on quite happily. As soon as I pulled these out the shopping bad Dean jumped up and wanted to try one but I had to tell him no and that he had to wait until Christmas, he loves his food for sure!
£2 from Tesco
These are some really adorable things to spoil your dog with this Christmas and it includes them in the festive fun along with the human celebrations we all enjoy!


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  1. Your blogmas is one of my favourites! Your post ideas are all so different and unique to the 'norm' and this one is my favourite yet!
    I have a dog back at home with my parents, so I will be picking some of these treats up for him!

    1. That means so much to me thank you! Aww yes you have to spoil your doggy too :D

  2. These are such cute ideas! I always get my dogs stockings for Christmas so I may have to add some of these!

  3. Aw yay!! I have a new puppy so she can't quite eat all of these treats but I've bought her some puppy ones and put them in a stocking ready for Christmas morning lol.

    Love Amber | www.ambambe.com x

  4. A GIft guide but for a dog?! How amazing!! I got the mince pies last year for my dog and she loved them!


    1. Oh yes the mince pies have gone down so well! xx