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Blogmas Day 6: Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb!

December 06, 2017

Ahhh Christmas; the time of year when Lush release all my favourite products and I buy copious amounts of them both before Christmas and on their Boxing Day sale (last years was so hectic I still have nightmares), today's product is none other than the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb!

This bomb features Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Oil and Cognac Oil that gives it an overall sweet and refreshing scent, which is quite unusual for Christmas themed products as they tend to focus on cinnamon or berry type scents. I personally love the smell and design of this product; the gift box design with intense golden glitter on the outside, the uplifting scent and the detail on the bow all make it stand out.
My helper showing off his scented gift box!
When this bomb hits the water you immediately get a rush of gold and white foam that leaves a trail of that gorgeous smell behind it, the water is also tainted with copious amounts glitter that make it sparkle!
Golden Wonder
Once it's been fizzing a while the bomb starts to leak this gorgeous turquoise blue into the water making your water a sparkly blue that even the ocean would be envious of. I find the blue, white and gold mixed with all that glitter a really visually appealing image and I'm so proud that I got such a good photo of the bomb in the water!
How different does that look to the start??
If you shake the bomb before you put it in water you may hear a slight rattle sound inside, that is due to these cute orange and pink coloured balls inside that leak into the water and float giving the water even more vibrant colour
When the bomb is finished giving you a show you can climb in and enjoy a warm, perfumed bath in peace, if you want to check this product out you can nip into one of Lush's stores or check their online shop by clicking HERE!


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  1. This is my favourite bath bomb ever by lush! I am obsessed with the glittery blue bath water the bath bomb leaves behind and the scent! The scent is gorgeous!


  2. I looooove the Lush Christmas range too! I am planning to attempt the Boxing Day sales this year, last year I was in the queue for hours and didn't get a single thing! It was so frustrating! Loved the post girl! X

    1. Do it online babe its so much better! xx

  3. I love lush!! That bath bomb looks absolutely gorg! Xx

  4. This is always one of my favs around Chrsitmas time. I had 5 last year for Christmas! haha. Think people know I love Lush.

    Love Amber | www.ambambe.com

  5. I picked this up in my recent haul and I cannot wait to try it! Looks absolutely gorgeous once in the water with such pretty colours!

    Heather xox || http://www.xhighlandbeauty.co.uk

  6. I've seen so much about this bath bomb, it looks so cool!