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Blogmas Day 31: My New Year Resolutions!

December 31, 2017

This is it people: we've reached our last day of Blogmas and the final day of 2017, I think it'd be appropriate to end my Blogmas on a positive note and list down all my goals or "resolutions" for next year!

1. Finish college with at least a double distinction - this goal is the most important and vital for my step into university so I'm putting it at the top of the list. I know I'm more than capable of it with some hard work and dedication, so hopefully by the end of June I can tick this one off the list.
2. Begin university - obviously this one goes hand in hand with my first one but this is such a big step to my future and will help me reach my career goal so all work will be put into this to make it happen!

3. Work on my health and fitness - I've done so well this year and I feel so good having started a proper routine for my diet and exercise regime but I want to keep this up and work on this best I can to improve my health and body further.

4. Save as much money as possible - With me and my boyfriend looking for our own place it makes sense we'll need as much money as possible to do that, even though he works and I'm a student I can definitely help save up whenever possible!

5. Spend more time performing self care - What with college/university coming up next year, working hard at the gym and trying to work towards my future I can already tell I'm going to have a lot of tough, hard working days and on days like that I need to be super kind to myself. Okay maybe not just in the form of Lush baths and wine; but with regular meditation, voicing my concerns to people who care about me and remembering what I've achieved so far to give me some perspective.

6. Stop swearing - This is a weird one but I absolutely hate how I sound when I swear! I'm trying to clean up my language and present myself a little more politely especially as I'm getting older and will be in a professional setting in University or even a possible job. I have nothing against people who do swear I just hate how awful I sound effing and blinding, plus it makes my mum cringe when she hears me.

Here's to a really positive and hard working 2018, Happy New Year people!


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  1. great goals hun, good luck with everything in 2018! Can't wait to follow your journey ! <3