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Blogmas Day 30: Let's Talk - The New Year

December 30, 2017

Hello readers and welcome to the last Let's Talk of 2017! It's been a fun and exciting journey going through so many topics and having so many writers guest post for me. Thank you to every single writer who has sent me their work and shared their stories with me!

So as you may have guessed today's Let's Talk is alllll about The New Year as tomorrow is officially the last day of 2017 and I have a fantastic guest writer joining me to discuss our views on The New Year, please welcome today's writer:

Dalindcy: @Dalindcy on Twitter and her blog can be found at: https://dalindcy.wordpress.com/

Dalindcy's thoughts: "'For me, the new year is always a time for reflection. I’m not too much into the whole ‘new years resolutions’ thing, because I believe that goals should be set with a different motivation than just the start of a new year. But of course, just like everyone else I look at every year as a different part of my life and I want to be able to say ‘I’m proud of what I accomplished this year’. 

So looking forward to 2018, there are a few things I want to accomplish. I want to be able to run a marathon distance. I’m currently getting back into my running routine and can do half marathon distance, but I’m not where I want to be yet. I also want to work on my pace more, because it’s a part of running that I sometimes forget. Something else I would like to accomplish in in 2018 is renting an apartment in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It’s my favorite city and I have been wanting to live there for a while now. Next year will be the year I’ll finally make that happen. That means getting more financially stable as well, which is something I’ve been working on!

I also have some uni-related goals for next year. I’m currently working towards getting the maximum amount of college credits possible, so hopefully I can get into law school in september 2018. This is a huge goal of mine. It’s one of those things that is almost scary to think about. But they say that if your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough, so that might be a good thing. 

In 2017, I’ve grown a lot as a person. I decided to go back to college and with that, changed my entire perspective of the future. Where I used to wonder who I was - or should be -  spending new year’s eve with, I’m now in a steady and very fulfilling relationship. Someone that isn’t only there for the new year’s eve kiss, but also there to help me clean up the house on New Year’s Day, which is much more important in my opinion. For me, that is some sort of synonym for being there in the good and bad times. And isn’t that the most amazing thing to start the new year with?''

My thoughts: "I love The New Year; the idea that despite the actions, events and even consequences of the last 365 days I get a fresh start to begin planning for another year of my life and I can make decisions that will enhance my understanding of life. Yes I know some people despise the whole 'New Year, New Me' slogan but why? Why not let people reinvent themselves where they see fit and boost their confidence.

I see people getting frustrated with gym goers who start their journey in January and flood the gym but we all started somewhere, just because you began on the 5th of June and they began January 1st doesn't make them any less dedicated. The same goes for academic achievements, personal growth and building relationships; yes I'm a believer that you can start and finish a goal ANYtime of the year but if you feel better doing it the second the clock strikes midnight on January 1st you go for it!

My 2018 will be focused on getting my mind and body ready for several challenges; beginning university, having physiotherapy, hitting the gym and working on my personal demons that need kicking to the curb. I want to say this time next year that I achieved all I wanted to do because I'm sitting here right now feeling pretty proud of how much hard work has paid off for me, so why stop there? I am constantly growing and changing as a person and even though I'm 22 I still learn lessons I had no idea existed and I'm sure there are many waiting for me in 2018.

2017 has been a mixed year for me; I've done well academically, my health mentally and physically has improved, I have learned lessons about myself and others and I have finally got my busy life balanced. Despite these successes this year has had its own challenges; my mother being hospitalised was hard for me, my work has sometimes made me want to rip my hair out and I've dealt with some nasty people who seem to enjoy being mean. I never once gave up though and as much as life tried to snatch me off guard I snatched it right back every time.

See you in a week or so 2018, you better be ready for what I have planned."

Tomorrow is the last of my Blogmas posts and I really hope you've all enjoyed reading them, for my first ever Blogmas I feel I've done well to keep up the schedule and I'm proud of myself. As for the Let's Talk segments I'll pick them up sometime in the next month or so but after five straight weeks of them I'm ready for a rest. Thanks for reading!


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