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Blogmas Day 29: Some Positives Of 2017

December 29, 2017

2017 is coming to a close and I can safely say this year has been very up and down; I've had good days, bad days and...just days! Despite the ups and down I have experiences quite a bit this year and the last couple of days of this year have made me thoughtful towards those experiences. Here are a few I wanted to share:

1. Passing my first year of Medical Science: This one was a big one because there have been days I really did struggle; whether it was my own personal issues, travelling long distances, sickness or injuries or dealing with unpleasant people I still pulled through and got my pretty certificate! It was only one year out of two but it set the tone and showed everyone that I can get sh*t done no matter what.
Hoping for another one next year!
2. Losing at least 30lbs in a safe, healthy way: Those who know me closely know I have extreme body issues, self image issues and have struggled for years to feel good about myself no matter what weight I've been. This year I contacted a personal trainer, cleaned up my diet and worked hard to make myself healthy which paid off and I feel so good! It feels amazing to know that I defeated a lot of personal demons and I'm the healthiest I've been for a long time. Thanks to this weight loss my poor bad knee has less weight pressing down on it, which I'm sure its grateful for.
Picture: MyFitnessPal
3. Celebrated my dogs first birthday: After him scaring the hell out of us all by being so poorly and us almost losing him we made a huge deal out of his first ever birthday, it was most definitely one of the best memories I have of 2017. He got nice food, a doggy friendly birthday cake, lots of new toys and this super cute shirt that you can see on him below! Anyone who has a pet knows how precious they are and how happy you just want them to be, so much so that I may have really spoilt him on his birthday and now he feels smug, oops!
My baby on his birthday!
4. Celebrating my third anniversary: No relationship is perfect and it takes a lot of work to keep you and your partner on the same page every single day. Despite our ups and downs we had a fantastic third anniversary with lots of lovey-dovey-ness and soppy times, it was one of the happiest days of my life and I sure as hell wouldn't have changed that for anything!
This photo is a good year or two old but I keep using it cause its so cute
5. Starting and keeping up this blog: OF COURSE this was going to be mentioned on this post, I consider this blog my baby and I'm delighted that I took that step and created this baby. Through this blog I have spoken to and befriended some amazing people, worked on my writing style to the point where it has improved and tried writing topics I never thought I'd try! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this blog for almost a year, it means so much to me.
Hello blog!

So those are just a little handful of some of my best memories of this year, I cherish every happy thing that's happened and I can only hope that 2018 has another handful for me to enjoy with my friends and loved ones. I hope everyone else has a long list of positives too x


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