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Blogmas Day 28: My First Post Christmas Gym Session

December 28, 2017

Heading to the gym for the first time after Christmas? Me too!

Okay I wont lie I was dreading this day a little, not because I've been gone too long or that I don't enjoy the gym but because I know I'm carrying my Christmas dinner with me which makes it a little harder. I weighed myself at the gym yesterday just to see what I was working with and while I wasn't overly pleased with the result I didn't beat myself up for it because I knew I'd work it off - for me that is HUGE because I suffer badly with body image problems and I get down about it very easily. So for me to take this in my stride was a sign that my mental health regarding my body is better than it was, which I'm delighted about.
Mirror Selfie!
For me personally it's gotten easier to give myself a more focused yet healthy outlook on fitness when I realise what I've achieved already instead of worrying about what's to go. This applies in almost every aspect of my life; it's so much better to praise your achievements rather than punish yourself for mistakes or push yourself for what's to come. Don't get me wrong I know I have a lot of work to do in the gym, at college and working on myself but it's been more rewarding for me to get excited about working to the future as opposed to being critical.

Here's hoping I can use the rest of my holidays to work positively at the gym and enjoy my fitness routine. I will be uploading a review to the new vegan protein powder I got for Christmas real soon once I try it out and write up a post and for any of you gym bunnies out there good luck and don't be too hard on yourself! The picture below is a screenshot of a tweet I posted yesterday after my gym session and I just had to share it because it made me smile so much...
Me and this woman have so much in common when it comes to our attitude
My blogmas is almost over and I'm partially sad about it but I still have three New Years themed posts ready to share so stay tuned for those!


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