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Blogmas Day 27: The Break Between Christmas & New Year

December 27, 2017

Okay so Christmas has indeed been and gone (too fast for my liking if you ask me) and we are approaching the New Year; some people use this time as a reflection of the past year (me), some just carry on with wine and mince pies (my boyfriend) and some even take their Christmas trimmings down and give their house a big clean (my mum).

The few days between Christmas and New Year are usually quiet in my house; I'm still digesting everything I ate on Christmas Day and I'm preparing for 365 more days to enjoy, but nothing really gets done. It's like the break between Christmas and New Year is a super chilled out limbo that gives me the chance to hit the gym, put away my tree and hoover up the residual pine needles.

Its usually around this time I start to get firm with myself however and decide on a few New Years resolutions that are an absolute MUST, don't get me wrong I feel like I can adopt a new attitude at any part of the year but starting January 1st with a strong or determined mind-set sets me up for the entire year. I'm planning on sharing my resolutions with you all on the last day of December when I've 100% decided on them, I know a few that are a definite already but others need a bit more consideration.

So as the next few days go by I can really get in touch with myself, see how I'M doing and work on issues I may be struggling with. It's a time for self care, plenty of reflection and some planning for the next year of my life - after all I'm 23 in 2018!


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