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Blogmas Day 26: Vegan Friendly Boxing Day Buffet!

December 26, 2017

Ahh Boxing Day, perhaps just as important as Christmas Day because this is the day I finally get to relax and not cook, clean, shop, wrap gifts or get out of bed before 8am.

For me and our house it's a great chance to watch a good movie or two and pop open the bubbly, as well as this I usually do a Boxing Day buffet for people to pick at and enjoy while still processing yesterdays vast Christmas dinner. This year however I'm doing a vegan themed Boxing Day buffet with plenty of delicious goodies such as: hot dogs, churros, sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheeses, ice cream, mince pies, steak slices and crackers or breadsticks with hummus dip!
Some of the vegan foods I'll be putting out today!
All of these look super yummy and are 100% vegan friendly so myself and my family can enjoy our usual buffet style dinner, this year hasn't been any harder having dinner as a vegan and I've loved it! Hope everyone else has a great Boxing Day and I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas x
Merry Christmas from Dean everyone!

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