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Blogmas: Day 25 - It's Christmas!!!

December 25, 2017


You are bearing witness to my first ever Christmas Day blog post and I feel so happy to have stuck at this Blogmas thing, it's been so fun I was originally only going to do up to Christmas but I have content planned for right up to January 1st!

So, today is the day most of us open our gifts, eat some good food and maybe drink a glass of wine or two. I am very fortunate to have my boyfriend, my mother and my doggo joining me for Christmas this year and for the first time I get to wake up to my boyfriend on Christmas morning! By the time I post this I will have opened my Christmas presents and I thought I'd share some of the things I was treated to.

The first gift I was given was this beautiful gift set from one of my all time favourite shops, The Body Shop! Inside the gift set were all coconut scented products including: body mist, body butter, sugar scrub, hand cream and shower gel. It smells absolutely amazing and comes in a handy little box!
The Body Shop: Coconut Gift Set
As well as this nicely smelling coconut gift set I also got this really lovely Lush gift that I get every year from my boyfriend to use on Christmas Eve (hence why I'm not bothered that the price is still on). It's an early Christmas gift but it's still lovely that someone took the time out to get me something they know I'd enjoy, very happy with this one!
Lush: The Night Before Christmas
Another amazing gift was from my lovely secret santa, I was involved in a secret santa blogger edition this year and around the beginning of December I got some amazing gifts from my gift giver! I opened it to find out that I had been sent some super cute items, thank you to Helina (@justhelina on Twitter) for my nail varnishes, notebook and light up photo display!
Such gorgeous items, thank you Helina!!
After all these amazing things I honestly didn't expect even more things but as usual I was spoiled by people and under the tree waiting for me were these super cute sneakers. I was saying how I needed new gym shoes because I've worn out my old ones to death, well thank you to my Mama who came through and got me these! They are really comfy and have the best support for my ankle which will come in handy should I ever start jogging (lol yeah right).
I absolutely love these!
These are just some of the amazing things I was given for Christmas and I want to say thank you everyone who got me a present, a card or even sent me a Merry Christmas over social media. Have a great Christmas everyone, enjoy yourselves!


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  1. Great post I love this and wish I would have done a Christmas post! What great gifts you got!