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Blogmas Day 24: My Typical Christmas Eve

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve readers, it's my first Christmas Eve with a blog so I thought I'd share my typical Christmas Eve plans throughout the day!
The Christmas Tree that Meadowhall put up is beautiful
In the morning: At this point I'm usually finalizing all the details for peoples presents over a cup of tea and a cookie or whatever I'm munching on, I like to make sure I'm prepared for the next day. After I've checked everything I put my lists away and get all scrubbed up before heading out to do Christmas shopping with my boyfriend who drives us to Meadowhall. I love going there because there are so many stores I don't get to see very often and while we're there I get everyone's gifts and then head for Lush and The Body Shop to spoil myself with early Christmas money.
This year's spends, very very grateful!
Afternoon: Depending what time we drive back from Meadowhall I nip to Tesco and get some snacks and drinks for that evening, it's never quiet in stores on Christmas Eve so I fight best I can to get what we need. When we get back into my town and put everything away I engage in gift wrapping, card signing and any last minute prep for Christmas Day, I put the presents under the Christmas tree I have in my room and turn my lights on so it looks all cute and festive (many Instagram photos will be taken) which makes me so happy. After this I get the snacks and drinks ready for people to pick at and drink throughout the course of the evening whenever they fancy.
Wrapped presents ready to be given out!
Evening: This is the time I dedicate for relaxing with my family and chilling out, me and my mum usually share some wine and talk in depth about how we're feeling and we use it as a nice time for grounding ourselves. Christmas is hard for us both now Nana isn't around so we put a glass of wine or sherry out for her as a token and we talk through our favourite memories of her, it's a sweet and often emotional time but its healthy for us to talk about it. After this me and my boyfriend watch a movie or two with food and wait up for Christmas to hit at midnight, we may be in our 20's but we're still big kids at heart! I also love to relax with the Lush "Night Before Christmas" gift set which includes a bath bomb and a bubble bar this year, it's my third year in a row using this on Christmas Eve! After a bath it's more chilling and seeing the Christmas Day in with my family then bed to rest before Christmas Day.
Lush: The Night Before Christmas, £10.95 in all UK stores or online!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas Eve and I will see you tomorrow for a Christmas Day post! x


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