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Blogmas Day 23: Let's Talk - Winter

December 23, 2017

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve folks! Today is non other than another Let's Talk day and I'm super delighted to have teamed up with a fantastic guest writer to discuss our thoughts and feelings about Winter as a season and what it means to us!

Please welcome this weeks writer; Nate (@AboveAvgNate on Twitter) has his own website as well as a Youtube channel that you can find below!

Nate's thoughts: "The winter season is about a renewal for the new year for me. After a year of hustle and grind, winter can be the reset button. I'm allowed to take a step back and reflect on how the year went. I can look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly all from the comfort in front of a fireplace and a journal. I can take all that I learned and recalibrate for a better year of creating. I'm currently reflecting on my own blog and how to make it better in 2018.

Winter is also the time to spend with family and loved ones. It's the time for me to Christmas and the renewal of a new year. All of the baggage of the year seems to drop off with the hope of a clean slate in the new year. That can even be the case if you're traveling and are not with your family. In 2015, I spent the holidays in a foreign country and learned that the holidays can transcend the country you are from. 

Growing up, I was always around family for the holidays. I celebrated Christmas with my immediate as well as extended family on both sides. In December 2015, that changed. I backpacked the United Kingdom during the month of December, which meant I would be away from my family holiday traditions for the first time. I wasn’t sure how it would go. I was nervous I would be awkward or be intruding on other people's holidays. I knew what my friends would think, but how about their families? To say I was nervous on the Megabus ride to Manchester would be an understatement. To say I was blown away at my friend’s hospitality was be an even bigger understatement.

Every family I stayed with was incredibly gracious. I experienced my first English Premiere game, experienced the German markets in Manchester and Birmingham, and had a most festive Christmas in Liverpool. My friends and their families were extremely gracious and hospitable.  I’ll never forget having Christmas in Liverpool. I woke up Christmas morning and my good friend Jesse told me to come down for presents. My parents gave me money for my trip, so I figured I would watch him open his presents and celebrate with his family. When I get down there, his parents pointed to a pile of presents and told me they were for me. I was speechless. I had no idea this would happen. I still smile when of this memory. I thought “I have nothing to give back”, “How will I bring all of this home”, and “This is more than I get at home. I should try this more often”.

I had fun eating with my friends and their families and learning about how their traditions. I learned Boxing Day is an actual holiday. I celebrated that day almost as much as Christmas.

I believe the holidays bring everyone together. Even if you’re traveling in a foreign country."

My thoughts: "Winter, that is a season I am usually not keen to experience for a number of reasons; it's cold, Christmas takes forever to get here then it goes by so fast, it's increasingly harder to get out of bed and I just feel tired all the time.

For some reason this year isn't like that and I'm not actually finding winter hard to cope with and it doesn't seem like I've waited long for Christmas at all! I still have oodles of energy that I have during Summer, my body isn't wracked with colds and infections and I'm not freezing my little heart off every time I go outside, so who knows maybe this winter is milder than the others or I've learned to deal with it.

However during the Winter time I take the opportunity to spend more time at home with my loved ones preparing for Christmas, its the time of year people rarely see me at social events and I tend to hibernate at home or the gym if I'm not at college. I know a few people who agree with that statement so non of us tend to venture outside until the sun appears, thank goodness for Twitter eh?

As a kid I knew winter was approaching when my mother would go out and by me a nice hat, scarf and gloves set that she would then insist I wore from November all the way to March. If I protested I would be told that it's the best way to keep warm and avoid a cold so I dutifully donned the extra clothing until even she had to admit that winter was gone. I loved winter time as a child though and even as an adult I like it because thats the time of year my mum makes her super tasty stews, soups and pastry dishes. Even though we are now a vegan household there hasn't been a single week she hasn't peeled copious amounts of vegetables to pop in a soup of some sort, and we both live on these for days at a time - maybe that's why I'm not sick, because I am basically 60% veggies at this point...

I would love it if I could call this year winter but when the temperature around my town is 11 degrees and there's been absolutely zero snow I'm still calling this autumn/some weird sort of summer that doesn't make sense. I think one of the reasons I haven't struggled getting up and coping with this winter is because it's not actually cold at all, Christmas Day is supposed to be 12 degrees and raining all day so I find it hard to believe we're going to feel wintery and special there.

But nevertheless winter is still a season we experience once a year and although there are aspects about it that I'm not keen on I wouldn't say its the absolute worst thing in the world; I mean hey we get Christmas time, cute new winter fashions, lots of hot tea and hot chocolates and the exciting premise of the New Year...maybe winter isn't so bad after all"

Thanks for reading guys, next week is my last official Let's Talk of Blogmas and the last Let's Talk for a while, December insisted on having five Saturday's in it so I've now done 4/5 of them and will need a short break. Join me tomorrow for "My Typical Christmas Eve Plans" and a Merry Christmas Eve-Eve to you all. Thank you again Nate for your hard work, you're a fantastic writer!


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