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Blogmas Day 22: Doing The Big Food Shop

December 22, 2017

Hello readers! Can you believe its 3 days to Christmas?? Wow!

So today myself and the boyfriend tackled the big food shop that most of us have come to resent and fear due to the dreaded crowds, packed out car parks and the ongoing trolley battles people seem to have in aisles. In about two hours we ventured to Asda and Tesco to pick up some of the goodies we wanted for Christmas (we took a break in between to visit Pizza Hut to refuel and get our second wind) and even picked up some wine and such for friends.
Look at all that! It's not all ours I swear....
Another great thing we picked up was the new Ben & Jerry's suitable for vegans! I was so happy to get my hands on some of this because while I'm not a huge ice cream fan I do like Ben & Jerry's. The two flavours we picked up were Chocolate Fudge Brownie (I loved the non dairy version so I'm bound to like this one) and Chunky Money which sounds delightful! Tonight we'll crack that open while we're watching The Grinch and hopefully they'll be evidence of the tub left by tomorrow...
And what is Christmas without a cheese selection?? While in Tesco we got a number of their Free From cheeses that will be used for a cheese board on Christmas Eve; Jalapeno & Chilli Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar and Wensleydale with Cranberries - all ready to open and munch on with crackers and olives!
These are delicious!
Lastly one of the main things we also picked up are nibbles, now we got a lot more than whats in the picture but there was no way I was going to line them all up for a photo so I chose a few examples, I'm a huge crisp fan and I was pleased to see most of the ones I enjoy are vegan friendly so I can enjoy them like I would anyway! Who knows how long these will last...
69p each?? Bargain!
Those are just some of the things I managed to toss in our trolley while out shopping today and I'm super grateful that we have the things we have, hopefully I can also sort out a package of things we don't need for the local food bank too! Tomorrow we embark on our trip to Meadowhall to battle more crowds as I shop for presents and enjoy their food court - wish me luck!


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