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Blogmas Day 21: My Christmas Break Plans!

December 21, 2017

So I am officially done with college for the rest of the year until January 9th and I'm delighted to have some time to myself to relax and chill out! Don't get me wrong I love being able to study, learn and complete work but its also great to have two weeks or so to myself, and because I was a busy bee this term I have no work to do over the half term!
But it won't be all rest and easy going because I have a full schedule starting tomorrow and not stopping until around the New Year;
Dec 22: Hospital appointment regarding my knee and Christmas food shopping
Dec 23: Trip to Meadowhall with my boyfriend for Christmas shopping and present buying. Hopefully I can go to the gym before that though!
Dec 24: Wrapping gifts, writing last minute cards and hosting a wine and vegan cheese dinner with the family, I'm also hitting the gym best I can!
Dec 25: Cooking Christmas dinner and making sure everyone is well fed and happy
Dec 26: Boxing Day buffet for family and any guests we have
Dec 27: Back to the gym and putting away Christmas decorations
Dec 28: Gym (once again) and a big clean/tidy of the house ready for New Year
Dec 29: Hopefully a day to myself to enjoy my time off!
Dec 30/31: Enjoying the rest of the year with my loved ones
So despite me having a good two weeks off I'm not actually resting until the New Year kicks in, but I love being busy and I don't mind all the things I have to do. Is anyone else as busy as me in the next few days or am I just going overboard???

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