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Blogmas Day 20: Vegan Friendly Christmas Dinner

December 20, 2017

Alright everyone keep calm but it is FIVE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!! I'm so excited and I finish college tomorrow so I can't wait to relax and do my own thing!

A few people are curious as to what I'll be having for my Christmas dinner what with me being vegan this year and my whole household having a vegan dinner, thankfully good old Linda Mccartney has me covered for dinner this year!

This roast is supposed to be like a beef joint with a red wine and shallot glaze, I plan to cook this up with some roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, veggie gravy and stuffing. That already sounds super good and I can't wait to get in the kitchen and get it all sorted with help from my boyfriend (by help I mean he's holding my wine glass while I cook). The roast itself is available at Tesco for £3.50 and you can check that out HERE if you're interested in getting one for your dinner sometime!

Sounds so good!

For dessert I'll probably get some Alpro's vegan ice cream and some of the vegan friendly mince pies I found at Lidl heated up, that sounds super yummy to me I'm already hungry for it all!
Dessert sorted!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic December and is enjoying the festive season, see you all tomorrow for Blogmas day 21: what I plan to do during my Christmas break!


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