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Blogmas Day 2: Let's Talk - Christmas!

December 02, 2017

Welcome to the very first Christmas themed Let's Talk post, specifically written to fit my Blogmas theme and spread some festive spirit!

So get comfy and say hello to my festive writers:

Kyles: @Sexhealthrnr on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://www.sex-mentalhealth-and-rocknroll.com/

Lisa: @Lisamclachlan on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://www.lisasnotebook.com/

Claire: @Thatmummarocks on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://thatmummarocks.com/

Kyle's thoughts: "When Christmas morning arrives, most people (at least here in the US) wake up open presents, visit with family, play happy songs, and eat a traditional Christmas dinner. A traditional Christmas dinner usually features turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cooked vegtables, stuffing and other Thanksgiving-like items. To top it off, the traditionalists will then end it with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some disgusting fruit pie. But it’s funny, because my family and I are the farthest thing from traditionalist.

Christmas to me isn’t about presents, it’s about having a unique day. A type of day that isn’t like every other day. Yes I open presents, but my presents aren’t like most. They contain punk rock t-shirts that I’ve been wanting from bands that I haven’t seen in concert that year. Other presents contain CD’s, DVD’s and other things that’ll expand my punk rock knowledge. The presents aren’t my favorite part though, despite popular opinion.

I love love love Christmas dinner at my household. Say hello to my dad who’s a chef. That homie knows how to cook some AMAZING meals. Who needs a traditional Christmas dinner when you can have a freaking seafood Christmas dinner. Every year, on the 25th of December my dad wakes up and starts cooking everything from scratch. My favorite item on the menu is lobster Mac and cheese with the cheese made from scratch. I honest to God couldn’t tell you where to even start with making lobster Mac from scratch because that’s my dad’s deal, but just know it’s good as heck. Instead of turkey, our main meat is usually a seared to perfection tuna!

Other items on the menu consist of mashed potatoes (I know it’s traditional but it’s my favorite so shhhhh), stuffed mushrooms, fried grouper bites, and sometimes even gator tail. As the presents are being open and our seafood Christmas dinner is being prepared by the one and only, Dad, punk rock Christmas songs are blasting in the background. To be more specific we usually start off with NOFX’s “Xmas Has Been X’Ed” and then move on to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Christmas album. After all of the Christmas punk albums have been played, we then move on to our favorite bands like Mr. Bungle and Faith No More.

To accompany the great food and music obviously alcohol needs to be involved. Our Christmas tradition drink is either a Stone IPA beer or a double tall vodka cranberry drink. I’m usually the one drinking the vodka, because hey, it’s me. Although my traditions may be different than most or considered weird, it’s what makes me so happy to celebrate Christmas every year. This celebration is definitely a staple amongst my father and I and really shows our true values and traditions."

Lisa's thoughts: "I’m very lucky to have been invited to write a guest post for Zara here on www.itsallzara.co.uk. It’s for her Blogmas series, so I thought I’d share my typical Christmas Eve. It’s very different from the Christmas Eves we used to have before we had our daughter though. Eight years ago we could look forward to a relaxed and chilled evening, watching films, and snuggling up with our cats. Nowadays, our Christmas Eves go something like this:

1. Peeling and scoring a gazillion sprouts Not my favourite job but one that needs doing and at least I can get a head start by doing it the night before Christmas. Because you can’t have a Christmas dinner without sprouts, can you?

2. Laying the table for Christmas lunch I love laying out the table runner, crackers, cutlery, glasses, candles and other decorations, all ready for lunch the next day. Flora helps with this too and it’s far less stressful than trying to do it all on Christmas morning.

3. Scotch and mince pie for Santa, carrots for Rudolph When I was Flora’s age, I used to leave a pack of ten John Player & Sons cigarettes out for Santa as well. Mysteriously, they always disappeared, even though my mother didn’t smoke and my father was a confirmed roll up man…

4. Key for Santa We had to have an anti-bird nest cap put on our chimney a couple of years ago (crows kept nesting in it), and we’ve got a gas fire so Santa can’t come down the chimney. Plus, Flora is convinced he wouldn’t fit as he’ll be carrying so many presents (!)

Then, after Flora’s been forcibly put to bed…

5. Putting batteries in new toys And assembling any toys that need putting together, plus removing any awkward packaging ties, ready for when Flora gets her hot little hands on them on Christmas Day.

6. Wrapping last minute presents See no.5, after any batteries have been put in and toys assembled, they all need wrapping, of course.

7. Midnight Mass Before we had Flora, my husband and I always used to go to Midnight Mass at our local church, well, Bath Abbey in fact. We’re not religious but I do love the carol singing and seeing our community coming together. If we could find a babysitter this year (probably a forlorn hope) I’d love to go again.

8. Putting the Cava in the fridge for the morning I’m not a Prosecco fan but I do like Cava, it’s creamier and smoother (I think). So Cava and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs is our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. Fruit juice for Flora though, obviously!

9. Putting Flora’s stocking at the end of her bed In the sure and certain knowledge that although it’s gone midnight by now, she’ll be dragging it into our bedroom shortly after 5.00am on Christmas morning… #SpiritofChristmas

How do you spend your Christmas Eve?

Claire's thoughts: "Christmas traditions, we all have them right?! Just the mention of them makes me giddy with excitement. I have 2 children myself and so for me traditions are a big deal and today I am here to tell you all about our Christmas traditions!

 Elf on a shelf Come December the 1st I am absolutely itching to put my tree and decs up, but that’s not before Edward the Elf makes his big entrance. Edward ladies and gents is our household elf who visits us every December 1st and stays with us until Christmas Eve. He turns up on our doorstep every year with advent calendars for the kids and he gets up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem in his time with us! 

Pantomime  No Christmas is complete without a trip to a pantomime! Every year we go and it makes Christmas that bit more magical too and of course it’s an excellent reason to go the theatre. 

Christmas Eve Boxes This is a little treat that Edward leaves when he goes back to the North Pole! It’s filled with Christmas PJs, a book, a Christmas film, hot chocolate and a few snacks. We usually open them and then go outside to sprinkle some dust for the reindeer (makes it easier for Santa to find us). 

New bedding In this household everyone has fresh bedding and clean beds on Christmas Eve. I don’t know why I do it but for some reason it seems to please me and makes for a really comfortable sleep! So there you have it, a few of my Christmas traditions.  Traditions I hope that when my kids have their own children their be able to pass down to them. 

My thoughts: "When I was a kid we had some pretty awesome Christmas traditions; my mum would make some buffer food on Christmas Eve, my dad would come over, my brother and I would bring our bedding downstairs to lay on by the tree and we'd watch a movie as a family. At midnight we got to open the gifts that my parents got us and we'd maybe stay up til 2am feeling festive, after this I'd curl up by the tree and sleep until around 8am. At this point mum had Christmas dinner on the go, relatives were due round and we'd be in charge of helping set up dinner. Christmas Day was usually spent eating copious amounts of food, watching movies, playing games and spending time with family.

Now that I'm older and my family is smaller due to many reasons, myself and my mother do all we can to make each other feel loved and special on Christmas Eve/Day. Its also lovely because my boyfriend has spent the last couple of years joining in our little Christmas routine. Usually we enjoy mulled wine, snacks and a night with one another on Christmas Eve and then on actual Christmas Day mum cooks dinner but this year me and my boyfriend are doing a vegan dinner for us all while my mum sits down and relaxes! Of course we also have Dean our border collie in our family who will be taken out on a Christmas morning walk first thing so he's not being a pain in the backside while we cook.

Overall I'm grateful for the family I still have and the love I get from them way more than any gift I have ever received, Christmas really is about family for me and I treasure it so much."

Do you have any Christmas time traditions? Let us know! Thanks again to my writers for their hard work.


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  1. Yes! Christmas every year is spent at home with my parents and siblings, but Boxing Day, we all go over to my Grandmas where the whole family meets, we have a buffet, exchange presents and enjoy a quiz and games! It's honestly the best part of Christmas for me!
    This was such a lovely post to read! Makes me feel all festive!

  2. I loved reading about what everyone’s Christmas traditions are! My Christmas will be involving some new additions this year as it’s the first Christmas in a new house with my bf and puppy!

    Love Amber - www.ambambe.com

    1. Aww that sounds so cosy, I can't wait to have Christmas in a house with my boyfriend and my dog too! xx

  3. This is such a cute post, I love hearing all about people’s Christmas Day traditions! My family always play a ton of games after eating dinner, we especially love Heads Up 😂

  4. How fun was this to read! I loved hearing about everyone else’s Christmas days, all the different points of view! What a wonderful festive post!


  5. I love this post! It's such a good idea to get . a few different opinions / thoughts in one post!

    I definitely agree that christmas is all about family! Everyone meets up at my nans on christmas evening, its filled with lots of alcohol, games and definitely lots of laughs!!

    Love, Melissa x

    1. Aw glad you enjoyed the post love! xx

  6. Aw I loved having different perspectives from different people reading this post! Really fab idea x

    Shauna | http://diariesofadramatic.com