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Blogmas Day 18: My Christmas Wishlist

December 18, 2017

With Christmas on its way most people know by now what they want in terms of gifts or places they want products from, I'm not exempt from that so I figured I'd put a Christmas wishlist together kinda like I did my birthday list (check that out HERE). For some things it's easier for me to just state the stores I'd go in rather than exact products cause we'd be here allllllll day!

Lush: Oh god their Christmas stuff is stunning and every year I spend many £££ in their store, I particularly like their "The Night Before Christmas" gift set, in which you receive a "Shoot For The Stars" bath bomb and this year a "Christmas Eve" bubble bar! Last year and the year before you got a cute snow angel bath melt with your bath bomb but I love the idea of a Christmas Eve specific gift. I also love their "Magic Wand" and "The magic of Christmas" bubble bar wands, they make bath time epic!

The Body Shop: Here is where I get all my skin essentials as well as my shower gels, body butters and skin lotions. This years Christmas range includes the "Frosted Berries" shower gel, "Frosted Plum" sugar scrub and the "Vanilla Chai" tree soap! All of these sound so cute and perfect for my tastes so I'm hoping to get some of these in my Christmas presents! I also will pray for duplicates of their seaweed skin range which is helping massively on my skin and acne problems, my skin is so much better since I invested in them!

Kiko Milano: I first tried their make up last Christmas time and I was 99% impressed with their products, but I'm even more impressed by their brushes which I've bought a couple of this year and they're perfect for my needs! I'm hoping to expand my brush collection as well as pick up some of their cosmetics, I like Kiko because they're very reasonably priced and have such a range of colours and shades in their make up. I've tried their concealer, eye shadows, nail varnishes and lip gloss but their eyebrow range draws me in because my eyebrows really do need all the help they can get and who doesn't love a new eyebrow kit once in a while? Fingers crossed some of their gorgeous stuff lands in my stocking or under my tree this year because this brand is one of my favourites to buy or receive as a gift!

Sports equipment: Despite how cute my little sneakers look in the fallen leaves of Autumn this year they're almost falling apart after a good 4 years of usage, so this Christmas I would love some new ones! I also need a new swimming costume because the one I currently have is hanging off me due to weight loss and its restricting what I can do so it doesn't fall off me. As well as these I'd love some new sweatpants and shirts for the gym, for this Sports Direct may be helpful! I also need vegan protein powder as I haven't found any of this moment and the only powder I had wasn't vegan friendly so I gave this to a friend. 

I didn't think I wanted much until I sat down and wrote this out now I'm going to have to go over my list because with three or four things from every store it's adding up to be a pricey Christmas for my loved ones! Think I'll do them a favour and shave it down a bit...What do YOU want for Christmas this year??


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  1. This sounds like my Christmas Wishlist haha. Hope you get everything you want, you've got some good things on this list :)

    KJ x // www.kiirstenjones.com

    1. Thank you lovely hope you get what you want too! xx

  2. I love Kiko! I basically just want a bunch of graphic tees with references to TV shows on them haha! Xx

    1. Kiko is so cute I love their stuff! Ooh I love graphic tees, the tv references make them even better! xx