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Blogmas Day 17: Lush Plum Snow Bubble Bar!

December 17, 2017


*Ahem*, excitement aside welcome to another Blogmas scheduled post. From the title you must be thinking "Oh here goes Zara with another Lush post, okay girl I'm listening..." and I promise not to disappoint.

Today's post focuses on the gorgeous Plum Snow bubble bar from Lush's festive range (pictured below), this product is available from Lush's stores and websites (find it HERE) and retails for £5.95. 
My friend is very helpful in letting me get good photos of products
So you're probably wondering "Ooh what's in this one?" well I'm going to tell you! There is a fabulous blend of Sicilian Mandarin Oil, Petitgrain Oil and Osmanthus Absolute - all of these ingredients together make for a really fruity and sweet scent that lingers for quite a while after use so your bathroom smells delicious! I personally think it is worth the money because of the size and the amount you can get out of it, I mean its the size of my palm and quite thick so you're looking at a fair few soaks with it.
Action shot!
When you run this under the tap you get an instant rush of purple and white foamy bubbles that fill your tub with its fantastic smell and inviting warmth, I only soaked mine under the tab for a good 10 seconds and I had plenty of bubbles to lay around in. When I'm done soaking my bubble bars I put them on a completely dry flannel to dry out and so it won't stain any of the bathroom furniture until I need it again.
The water and part of the bubbles I managed to photograph
This bar actually makes a LOT of bubbles, so many that I had to push them aside to take a photo of the water colour otherwise it'd just be a mass of white foam. As you can see the water is a gorgeous purple colour that's sort of like Ribena for those who know what that it. Either way I love this product and although I've used mine up I intend to get another one or even a couple more before they run out.


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  1. After reading this I definitely need a trip to Lush. I've also got my eye on the Christmas Eve bath bomb and really want to make a point of picking it up this week. Great post chick & well done at keeping up with blogmas! It ain't easy! <3

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. I love the Christmas stuff Lush do I can't wait to go buy some more with my Christmas money on Saturday! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed my post, I'm loving Blognas! xx

  2. I don't know whats cuter, the bear or the bubble bar! Can I just have both of 'em... thanks! ;) hehe..
    LOVE the purple! definitely pleasing to the eye. xoxo

    1. Haha they're both super sweet! Thank you so so much honey xx