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Blogmas Day 16: Let's Talk - Snow Days

December 16, 2017

So last week almost everywhere in the UK seemed to get snow, and it got me thinking about this weeks Let's Talk topic, I was sad to see that Hull was one of the few places that got next to no snow at all and I wanted to put my thoughts and experiences into writing. Fortunately I also have some company in this topic so please give a warm welcome to this weeks guest writer:

Ellen: @elfvintage on Twitter & her blog can be found at http://elfeelgoodsvintage.uk/

Ellen's thoughts: "Hi, I’m Ellen from E L Feelgood’s Vintage. A lifestyle blog with a vintage twist. I’m delighted to share with you a snow day memory that was both frustrating and exhilarating in equal measure!

Living in Northern Ireland, snow doesn’t visit us that often but when it does rear it’s cold and icy head it often takes us by surprise. I am thinking back to 2004 when my eldest was a toddler. We had just moved to a house at the top of a very steep hill in the shadow of Cave Hill Country Park. It was a really good spot for views over-looking Belfast but not so good for snow!

Our typical day back then was rising at 6am, getting our son ready for nursery and getting ourselves ready for work. One morning in December, getting close to Christmas Day, we did our usual preparations for going to work and dropping our son to nursery. It was always frantic, so we didn’t think of looking out the window. Opening the door, we realised we weren’t going anywhere fast. It was the first snow of the season but living in Northern Ireland, even a little dusting of the stuff is enough to close schools and many businesses.

At first, we did try and shovel our car out of the driveway, but it was the perfect amount of snow to make our efforts fruitless. We did have a good try at clearing it but all it did was have us panting from being so out of breath.

You would think we would have stopped there but no, we both decided we still had to get to work. We ended up walking. My husband started trekking to his work in Belfast City Center, while I walked with the pram to a safe distance near the bottom of the hill, so I could get a taxi to drop my son at nursery then me in to work.

I can remember trudging through the snow with the pram, hearing it crunch beneath my feet, staring at it’s whiteness and beauty and wondering how on earth something this stunning could bring Belfast to an almost stand still. It took a whole 2 hours to get to our destination wrapped up in boots, a puffy coat, a fuzzy hat, and gloves. All worth the

effort though. I loved walking in the snow, I loved the crunching sound beneath my feet, I loved the fact that we stood our ground against the snow and made it to where we wanted to go.

I’m not saying that work wouldn’t have given us the day off, it was more the fact that we didn’t want the snow to impact on our lives. That evening was the best though, we celebrated our achievement, we had a lovely mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and snuggled on the sofa with a cosy blanket. Remember what happened on the snow day so we could pass it on to our son years to come. The day we beat the snow!

We were treated to a wonderful white Christmas that year. It was great having time off work to enjoy it without having to think about trekking in to work – but then again, we’d already beaten it once so it would be easy to have done it again"

My thoughts: "The only time I really remember there being any major snowfall and it sticking around was sometime in 2010, I was only 15 at the time and I can remember having a full week off school because it was so bad. For me I wasn't too bad as I only lived ten minutes from the local school but it was others who relied on bus travel that were quite doomed.

During this week off I remember visiting our local park with my friends and we made huge snowmen, had snowball fights and I actually lost my house key *oops* while rolling down a snowy hill. Last week though I woke up and checked twitter and it seemed all over the UK had been hit with huge amounts of snow, here in Barton (just across the bridge from Hull) we had nothing. It did try to snow at one point but it was about five minutes of pale, pathetic flakes of ice despite the huge overcast of dark fluffy clouds we had.

I was quite sad because I do want to see how my dog will behave in snow and it would have quite sweet to play in the snow like a kid but I guess all good things come to those who wait right? I suppose thinking logically obviously playing in the snow is all fun and joy for us, but I see how bad for others it would be should my town get any major snow. I live on top of a large hill which can be a total pain to walk or even drive down in ice or snow (I almost died getting to the gym this weekend). A large number of people in my town are elderly or disabled so it involves them risking a fall just nipping to the supermarkets and sadly we don't get many gritting lorries or boxes where I live. At the moment we keep getting large torrents of rain that end up freezing overnight producing deadly cold ice that is extremely easy to slip on whether you're by foot or by car, at times like this I try to stay home as much as possible and if I do go out I take my thick winter boots and wrap up warm!

So, who knows if the rest of December will continue like this or if my little town should be hit with torrential snow, next week I break up from college for Christmas so bus travel won't be a problem for me should we do I just worry about others. Perhaps its time to bring my salt shaker out with me when its icy and have a go at gritting the paths myself"

Thank you for reading our segments and a huge thank you to Ellen for joining me in our topic this week, next weeks topic is "Winter" so join me and another guest for our thoughts on that! Have a good day and I'll see you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 17: a festive Lush Bubble Bar review!


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