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Blogmas Day 10: Lush Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar

December 10, 2017

Christmas Crackers are one my favourite things about Christmas, I love the playful tug of war you go through to get something you never knew you wanted like a tiny notebook or a spinning top...Well Lush must have tuned into my love for them because they made a Christmas Cracker themed bubble bar! It's really bright and colourful design is eye catching and fun, these retail at around £5.95 each and can be found in store or online (click HERE). 
My helpful bear holding up the Christmas Cracker bubble bar!
The first thing to mention about this bubble bar besides the amazing design and intricate detail is the smell; the Lime Oil gives it a lovely citrus fragrance that is both refreshing and delightful to the senses. As well as this the Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter not only makes the bubbles it produces super soft but has a subtle sweet smell to it. Another main ingredient to mention about this is the ever-so-fun Popping Candy that really gives your bath time a bang! As you can see this bubble bar (the middle part especially) gives your bath water a gorgeous tint with lots of frothy bubbles to relax in!
I personally adore this bubble bar and if I can snatch another up anytime soon I sure will! Thanks for reading today's blogmas post, join me tomorrow for a run down on my preparation to the big day in two weeks time!


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  1. I haven’t actually seen this bubble bar before, I definitely need to check it out!! X

  2. I love the design of this bubble bar also the name and design is just adorable! Perfect for a festive bath!


  3. I love lush, this one is so cute!! X

  4. This looks so cute. I think I might need to build up some courage to go out in the freezing cold and get one